Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello, World!

It is the second time in a few days I have Shayariel to thank for, as she once again teleported me this morning to yet another lovely and new to me place, to slap a lucky board. As it took me about 5 minutes to rez properly, I missed the white dress and R never came up again after that. But since I was there I cammed around (the place is beautiful, it inspired the pictures on this post) and grabbed a few gifts :

That pretty little dress is another lucky board gift, (you need to join the group, but it's free) or if you're unlucky like me (or don't want to wait), you can grab it for 60l$.

This one is supposed to be a Halloween gift, so I don't know how long it'll still be available, but I think it's cute any time of the year.

That one is also a free gift from the same shop.

Oh and, last but not least, the current group gift, this adorable top. Should you want it in other colors, it can be purchased for only 120l$.

Credit :
  • Dresses in pictures 1 & 3, top in picture 4 : Hello World (free)
  • Orange dress in picture 2 : Nino (in the same shop - free)
Special thanks to Shayariel Teardrop.

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