Join the Wardrobe?

Should you wish to join the team, know that it is possible, I am constantly looking for new bloggers. How does one apply? Easy, follow a few steps:

  1. Read the rules below and agree with them (they're mainly common sense but a little reminder never hurts)
  2. Send a notecard inworld to Rosemarie Indigo or and email to with a short sample text, including LMs and at least one picture of you.
  3. Give me a few days to process (I usually get back to you in the next 48 hours) and if you are chosen, I'll ask you for a valid Gmail (or Yahoo) address to send you an invite (best if you don't already have one of these is to create a address)

(As I said, they're merely common sense)
  1. Never ever blog something you don't like just because you think you have to post something.
  2. Try and do at least one post a month, I understand that RL can get in the way so let me know if you won't be able to blog for a long time, I'll keep your place warm.
  3. Try not to post about something that was already posted about in the blog less than a month ago (it's ok to do so if the item isn't the main topic though)
  4. Don't forget to add the SLURLs and the labels.