Saturday, 12 November 2011

For The Weekend

Hi guys! Yes, me again.. I wouldn’t put money on me posting this frequently all the time though, it's just one of those weeks. Found some more goodies for you, though. And this time, I’m getting to display some of that style preference I mentioned in my intro.

The White Armory is having a sale on some of the older gowns. There are 3 sections upstairs all marked to $100L each. Here are some of the ones you’ll find up there, but it’s this weekend only!

Nov 12 - White Armory

Winterberry – Comes with a hood, not shown.

Nov 12 - White Armory


Nov 12 - White Armory

Northern Star.

Nov 12 - White Armory

Vampire Queen.

The last two pics here are using pose props from Magnifique (The Old Shack and The Castle Window). They’re having a sale this weekend too, $50L on everything!

All photos (even with the props) were taken in/on a square, walled in winter garden from A.D.D Andel. It comes boxed with 2 versions, one with snowy trees and one with green pines. It is copy/mod so you can make it bigger/smaller and move the trees around. Currently on sale for $100 for La Venta Eventa. (falling snowflakes not included)

Also a reminder, the Mystery Gem Hunt at Kouse's Sanctum ends the 14th too! Details on Rosie's post..

(Side note.. for those possibly seeing this twice elsewhere.. my bad! My first big "oops" and posted to the wrong blog..)

$100 and Under

Gowns: The White Armory - $100L Each

Pose Props: Magnifique - $50L Each

Platform/Garden: A.D.D Andel! - $100L for La Venta Eventa

Everything Else:

Hair: Truth – Karen - Barely

Skin: D-Skin –Dskin 62

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