Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ready for New Year's Eve...

...with this lovely outfit from Atomic (join Atomic VIP group and get in store, 250l$ fee but regular beautiful gifts). The skin was a previous group gift and is still available in store.

I matched the outfit with a touch of color, and chose these Xmas boat shoes, free from 50 Flats.

Step up!

Sileny sent out that note about content theft, and I figured I would share it with you:

"What is content theft?
Content theft is when the work of a creator is stolen and either sold or even given away without the creator's agreement. Content could be anything in Second Life. It could be hair, clothes, skins, houses, furniture, transport. All of these have been stolen in Second Life. And much, much more. Content theft hurts creators. It takes away the income and the credit that should be theirs. Content theft hurts YOU - because it discourages creators from creating the rich and valuable content that makes up the world we love. So step up against content theft - join with us in saying "NO!" to content theft, and in supporting honest and honorable content creators! Don't buy stolen content!

How to spot content theft
Many owners will give away examples of their products in their stores. And there are stores that have low-cost and even free content to help newbies. But there are discount stores and free markets that may contain stolen items. If the store claims to be selling goods by well-known content creators at fantastically cheap prices, with full permissions (to modify it, to copy it and to transfer it to someone else), then it may well be stolen. If price seems too good to be true, it probably is! Use the Edit menu to check. Right Click on the object for sale, and see if the creator's name matches the name associated with the product. It doesn't? This could be stolen! Check to see if a shop is selling mixed styles that look to be made by more than one creator. Right-click on a couple of the products that seem wildly different. Do they have the same creator? It could be stolen! Look at the creator's profile. Did they start Second Life last week - and yet they're already making fantastic clothes or skins or hair? That content could be stolen - using alts is a popular trick for the thieves!

What to do if you think something has been stolen
NEVER confront the thief yourself. Content creators appreciate your support and your loyalty, but this will only put you at risk for being Abuse Reported and cause the thief to switch locations and accounts making him / her more difficult for the content creator to track. Creators need that time to investigate and gather information to file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). So - if you recognize an item that you suspect may be stolen property, please take a snap shot of the item, save a Landmark to the location and include these in a notecard to the creator you believe originated the item. If you think content in a location may be stolen, but you don't know where it originally came from, contact the CCA at and they will investigate quietly. Get to know your favourite content creators. Drop them a notecard saying how much you love their work - they'll really appreciate it! And building up a good relationship with the people you buy from is an excellent way of protecting you - and them - against being the victim of thieves.

Because when you buy stolen content - you're a victim of the thief too!"

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Free hair at Amacci

These first 2 styles come in the colors I am showing only, they are Xmas gifts under the tree by the entrance, along with a male style.
These 2 are freebies, next to the lucky chairs and come in a fatpack with all 45 colors, I am showing you the red tones because they're my favorites...

Hair: all free from Amacci
Skin: Mango Mango! (was a preview gift in the LCS group)

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Rose in Rose

Romi Juliesse has closed her main shop temporarily, and I really hope she will come back because I love her skins. In the meantime, you should get in her group (there's a 100l$ fee, but wait till you see what she sent) and grab the cute cart in the notices, with the lovely musical snowglobes... oh and there's a box there too, and if you open it you'll find her 2 latest series in complete fatpacks (skin + shape): Lily and Rose. It's an amazing gift, I can't believe Romi gives it all... it's worth thousands of l$!!! What I am showing you here is only a small part of the gift:

Lily (shape and skin) by Romi Skin

Rose (shape and skin) by Romi Skins

And more Christmas gifts from various shops of my favorites:
Cosima dress and Phoenix Tee from Decoy Christmas pack (in notices, they actually are exclusive colors of new designs), Rag-A-Muffin tail and ears (I love the Starlust goup gift) Truth bag (group gift)

Wine underwear and Phoenix tee from Decoy's Christmas box

MiaMai under the tree...

Dress and feathery stuff (so cute!): Miamai Xmas gift, in group notices
Hair: Magika Knot, 10$ in discount section until the end of the holidays (then will be discontinued)
Shoes: Duh! Clogs (20l$)

Juste un baiser pour Noël...

(just a kiss for Xmas)
The song is called le Sapin and I luuuurve it, even though it's already 1 year old, it's very seasonnal...

Hair: free from Magika
Skin: group gift from Luna's Boutique

Friday, 25 December 2009


So this is Christmas, and I hope wherever you are you are having the best of days, with your family or friends. For my part the day is over already, and as usual Xmas didn't last long enough... I logged quickly to find a few gifts under my pixelated Xmas tree, and figured I'd show them to you, since you can get them too...

Skin: Idiosyncracy Justice, Xmas 09 gift for subscribo members
Hair: Magika Marry Xmas, free today in store, along with the 2 other Xmas designs
Gown: Kouse's Sanctum Hope Xmas subscribo gift (comes with a Tiara not shown here) Don't forget the Advent Calendar (here, here, here, here, here and here) that will stay in place until the end of the year.
Dress: A Piece of Candy Maya green dress, subscribo gift.


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Pretty, Cutie and Adorable


These are the gifts from the lucky boxes at Roawenwood. There are 3 boxes, one gives the Holly Silks, second gives the Holly Wench Dress, and third gives the Holly Accessories (collar and bangles). The hair is free from Noju (upstairs, thanks heaps to Olela Parx for the hint, I adore this hair!)


I know Cecilia already showed you the Winter Cutie outfit, free from Curious Kitties, but what she couldn't show you, because it wasn't out at the time, was the matching hair and hat, also free in store for group members... The lovely Matreshka skin is an exclusive make up of Alison, the brand new skin from IrEn and it's in the group's notices...


Last but not least, the talented Evie Miles from Evie's Closet is still doing her inventory winter cleaning, and has just set up in store FOR A VERY SHORT TIME these 2 versions of one of her best gowns (to my opinion), Isabella, in an unreleased blue silver shade, for only 50l$ each.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Simply Christmas

Oooh! Aaah! There's a new group gift at Simply Fae! All group members can get this exclusive Xmas color of her Whim dress in store...

You may want to keep your eyes peeled for her next design (one of the colors will be sold for 100$ only to her group members)

Pink and angels...

Thanks to Gaby from SL Good Deals, I've found that pink and cute (and peeeeenk!!) sexy outfit, for free at Ricielli.

Hair: Magika Jaime (10l$, will be discontinued after the holidays)
Shoes: Duh! Pink Slip-on Clogs (20l$)
Bangles: part of Tyranny Hobo-esque in rags

Then I checked my notices and found out that Luna's Boutique has a new freebie in store, a lovely angel outfit (hair and wings included, plus a skin not shown here)

More gifts!

Dress: Ella green, lucky chair price from Mystic Sky
Hair: ChiChickie december group gifts
Skin: Rockberry Farah, POE2 hunt gift price

Skin: Atomic group gift in store (250l$ fee)
Jacket: Boon group gift in notices
Snow booties by Duh!


Where to get pretty skins for Xmas when on a budget? Easy, join Aimesi group (free) or Tuli group (250l$ fee but so worth it) and grab the following skins:

Aimesi gift Caramel

Aimesi gift Cashmere

Tuli Eva, new skin in group notices (7 skin tones, different eyebrow options)

Kouse's Advent Calendar - last part

Since I am not sure I'll have much time in the next few days for blogging, I figured I might as well show you the end of the Advent Calendar in Kouse's Sanctum. As usual, nothing above 50l$, and as usual, lovely dresses and jewels. The skins are all from Curio (full price) and the hair are from various shops (all full price).

Day 21 - Nahlayea - Christmas Red
Hair: ETD Nadia

Day 22 - Snowflake Tiara
Nadia beads for hair from Eolande's

Day 23 - Cyrenia - Christmas
Hair: Elvish from Goldie Locks

Hope Mini - Christmas
Hair: Assassin, the Stringer Mausoleum

Hope - Christmas
Hair from Magika

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Candy

Dress and sweater: A Piece of candy subscribo gift.
Winter knit boots and scarves from Duh! (20l$ for boots, 100l$ for a fatpack of 13 colors, 20l$ for texture change scarf with 13 colors matching the boots)

Full price items:
Jeans from Little Fish
Hair from 69
Skin from Curio

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Quick post before sleep

I just logged a minute before going to sleep and found this subscribo gift from Decoy in my inventory...

Top free from Decoy (subscribo)
Hair and skin, 10l$ each from Magika

Let it snow!

The weather outside is really frightful today (it's litterally freezing!) and since there's no place to go.. well let's blog!

Hair is the latest group gift from 69 (300l$ fee, every color fatpack with muff, hat and nose options). Boots are from Duh! (Claret in the lucky chair, white is a Down the Chimney hunt price, lots of other colors available for only 25l$ each in store, 50l$ for a fatpack of 5 colors). Skin is the Curio group gift (join Gala and Rita Designs Announcements and check notices) Sweater on the left is free from So Many Styles. Dress on the right is the latest group gift from MNK*Shop.

At Kouse's Sanctum, the Advent Calendar is still on, and you can now get the following for less than 50l$ each:

Day 17

Day 18 (dress on the right, wings included), 19 (hair pin) and 20 (dress on the left)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

All I want for Xmas is... all of these!

Wait... I got them already... Yay! and so can you! Left to right: Soft Leather and Classic Dark, camping items from Black Atellier (as promised), 30 minutes each, group only; ChuChu gold top is a group gift from MiaMai (and I am certainly not going to complain about it, I simply find it gorgeous! there's something wrong with the LM though, I'll add it ASAP); Truth Martini Dress (group gifts in notices)

Other stuff:
- clogs from Duh! (20l$ a pair)
- boots and jeans from Decoy (used to be free)
- hair from ETD (20l$ in discount section)
- skins from Curio (totes not free but there's a groups gift atm)

Oh my Hair!

After quite a hectic week (graphic card almost died and all) I have finally been able to log and found all sorts of crazy gift in my inventory! The skin and sweater are subscribo gifts from A Piece of Candy...

Left to right:
  • JE Republic Happy Winter Hair (group gift in notices)
  • Exile Naoko (group gift in notices)
  • Calico Lucia (group gift in notices, comes in all colors)

Antlers, ears (and tail, not shown): Atomic VIP group gift (300l$ fee, totally worth it, in notices)

10l$ sale at Magika

Everything on the top floor of Magika will be discontinued after the holidays and is now set to 1ol$, including skins and these real prim eyelashes that I've been wearing forever...

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dolls and Black Atellier

Black Atellier is a shop I had never heard about a few weeks ago, and now it's one of my favorites... Christmas Doll dress, hair on pic 1 and Snow Doll dress (hair included) on pic 2 are gifts in store, and I am currently camping for other gifts that I'll show you later...

Please don't be rude!

Here is the quote of a note I received from the Mia Mai update group:

"I decided to put some random gifts, dollarbies and low priced items out in the store, for the Christmas time. Event opened to everybody. Two days are passed and I received way too much complaints.The nails were the first gift. I received IMs about the fact that some ppl don't like the color, or the decoration, or the size or whatever. Nails were FREE. I am not used to complain about gifts, and I find it a very rude habit. Also, I dont have time or energy to loose in answering people about it, actually. Yesterday I placed out a skin priced at 50L. I made a big mistake, writing it was a dollarbie (BUT I wrote a 50L dollarbie... so it's self explanatory in my opinion). Yes, monica Outlander is not perfect. Yes, monica Outlander is not english native. But also.... YES you can see the price of an item before purchasing it. Since I received so many complaints about the price, and even many asking me a refund, I was forced to see things in a new perspective. I also have to say that the complaints where basically not from my customers but by people who came for the gift only.

This said, I have to tell you that I'm gonna close the Christmas Gifts event.
Making gifts takes time, I don't earn from them (Even from the overpriced 50L skin! :O lol), but also I can't spend time for unuseful complaints. I already removed the gift boxes from under the tree, so please don't send your friends here to get them ^_^

I will of course continue to send random gifts to my group, but ONLY to my group (and subscribo of course). Thank you all for your support and continue appreciation :) Whishing you all a nice holiday season


My opinion is that when a designer spends some time and energy putting out some gifts or cheapies, the least we, customers, can do, is say "thanks" and not complain. if you don't like the gift, don't take it.
And to all the designers, thank you for your amazing work!

Rockberry gifts

It's Christmas at Rockberry... Not only the shop is participating in the POE Hunt, and you can grab the lovely Farah skins shown here for free, but if you take a look under the Christmas tree there are a few dollarbies that are really cute: the furniture and the knit socks and sweater in various colors.

please click to enlarge the pics.

The hair was an old freebie from Lamb.

Take away at Magi and Luna's

Hello all... Today I grabed some cute freebies at Magi Take and in the notices of Luna's Boutique update group

Sneakers, pants, sweater, jacket, scarf and dress, free from Magi Take, join group and get them in store.

Leather corset from Luna's Boutique (in group notices, the unbuttoned jeans were an old group gift). Boots free from Magi Take. Hair was a group gift from Tiny Bird. Skin was a group gift from iReN.

Free dress at D'signs

That dress is free in store at D'signs

Hurry!! Hurry!

Evie was doing a winter cleaning in her inventory and found an unreleased blue version of her Ophelia dress, that she set up in store for 50l$ only for a limited time... Run to Evie's Closet!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pretty and free

Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth group gift (in notices)
Shoes: Duh! Winter Knit Boots (20l$, the Cream version is free for group members)
Dress: Katat0nik lucky chair price (also comes in red and blue)
Skin: Elf Happy Holidays, Curio group gift (in all skin tones)