Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hunting and the White Armory

Nov 19

Weekend postings.. part 2! The White Armory is having another $100L sale until Sunday evening. Same 2nd floor sections as last time plus the 4th section that wasn’t up for sale last time. This gorgeous, detailed dress is Moonshadows Spirit which you’ll find in that added 4th section.

Nov 19

I used the skin from Katsucide this time. It’s the hunt gift for the Diamond Is Mine Hunt. See their website for pics and details. Note however, I did add a lipstick and some eye makeup. Orange lips just weren’t matching with my purple dress! The necklace is from Oomph! and can be picked up in their closing sale. I just checked the store and it’s still there but I can’t remember when I read it will be going away entirely. There are also poses/pose props and couples/groups poses, entire store is marked to $40L.

Nov 19

Another one from the 4th section of sale items at the White Armory. If you don’t like blue, this Sylvan Valkrie outfit also comes in 3 other colors (I think, or at least 2 others). Note however, swords and boots are not included.

Nov 19

And anther skin hunt item, this time from Candydoll. Like the Katsucide skin, I added some lip color and eye lashes. The blue eyeshadow is part of the skin itself. To be completely honest, I don’t care for the dark shadow under the bottom lip on any skin, really, but other than that it has a very “elven” face to me! The hair is also a hunt item from D!va. There are two versions of the hair included and has an array of flowers to the right side that are color change and can be turned on or off.

$100L and Under
Pics 1 and 2-
Dress: The White Armory - Moonshadows Spirit $100L
Necklace: Oomph! - Rose Heirloom $40L
Skin: Katsucide - Laura $0L for DIMH3
Pics 3 and 4 -
Dress: The White Armory - Sylvan Valkrie $100L
Eyelashes (tattoo): Mozz – Eyelashes V2 $100L (pack of 9)
Eyes: Izzie's - Reflection Eyes $80L
Hair: D!va - Mercury Type B $0L for DIMH3
Skin: Candydoll - DIMH3 Skin $0L for DIMH3

Everything Else
Pics 1 and 2 -
Hair: - Summer
Eyeliner: Boom - Liquid Glaze
Lipstick - R.icielli - Lipstick 02/06
Pics 3 and 4 -
Lipstick: Cupcakes - Jewel-Pretty Nude (from Charm skin pack)
Boots: Secret Poison - Fall Boots (color change)
Ears: MW ilweran - Elven/Elf Ear natural
Swords: The White Armory - Invictus Dual Swords

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