Friday, 19 August 2011

Messy hair and other stuff

I'm probably not going to be able to post the SLURLs (my family just got back from the beach and they tend to think SL is some sort of drug / weird cult and get completely freaked out everytime they see me logged in) but please forgive me and use the labels to get to previous posts with those same shops shown (or use inworld search).
Anyway, here are the credits :
  • Shirt is this week's 50l$ Friday offer by League
  • Messy hair is the current group gift by Luna's Boutique (check notices)
  • Necklace is the current group gift from Ellabella
  • Eyes are the free preview from Poetic Colors.

Kouse's Sanctum group gifts and cheapies.

Hello Folks! If you're a Kouse's Sanctum aficionada, you probably have already joined her inworld group, and that was a smart move, because as of today, there's a small enrollment fee of 50l$ if you want to join. And you DO want to join, because Kouse has decided to reinstate the group gifts on a regular basis. This month, there are not one, but 2! Two different colors of Sheila, the teal one is in the group notices, the purplish one is available in store for 50l$ only (but you have to wear your group tag to get it). So that's 2 exclusive gowns for 50l$ each if you're not already in the group, 2 for 50l$ total if you are, which, in any case, is a good deal.

Kouse has also just released a new gown, Gabrielle, and should you consider trying it, you can get an exclusive color, wine, in store for 99l$ only. I love the medieval touch of this gown, and its rich colors.

The pretty jewelry is also made by Kouse, it's the new Shiloah set, available in store (full price)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lousy title post

Evie Miles from Evie's Closet had been redecorating her store, and if only for the visit of the gorgeous sim, you should definitely drop by. For this occasion, she also has put up the very pretty nymph outfit shown below for only 70l$. The eyes are from Poetic Colors, they're a free preview of the ever so talented Lano Ling's new series (that's it, I quit making eyes, no way I'm ever going to be as good as this guy).

Back to Evie's Closet and the new discount section, where you'll be able to find some of her past designs for no more than 150l$ each. The ones shown below are all under 100l$ to fit this blog's rule (wings not included)


Monday, 8 August 2011

Doux Couture is back!

... and it comes bearing gifts! Grab this adorable summer outfit in their subscribomatic!

Outfit, necklace, glasses (color change with HUD) and necklace free from Doux Couture SOM
Hair (not free) from Fri.Day

I am currently on vacation, so there might be a few posts in the coming weeks but not much.