Monday, 19 April 2010

More self advertising... but not only...

Sooo, I have finally released 3 more eyes, to keep you waiting until the coming huge release... *spoiler alert* I've been working with Kouse Singh from Kouse's Sanctum on something very special and I hope you'll all be head over heels with it... in the meantime, here are the new eyes (70l$ each in store)

Now, on a totally different note, and to make up for my selfish shameless personal advertising, the 2010 Fantasy Faire has just opened, and there will be a lot of gorgeous things to get again, knowing most profits go to RFL... There will be more on that later too... but I found these 2 gowns at the Evie's Closet booth and I wanted to show them to you, especially because they's only 50l$ each...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


So, there is that shop I'd never heard of, and they make cute clothes and the clothes are cheap so I'm showing them to you, because they're also cute. The shop is called terri tees and all the shirts below are only 25l$ each!!! There are plenty but I'm only showing you my favorites:

Oh and what about these? They're free!!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Bunny day

Skin: Atomic group gift / Hair free from JE Republic / Eyes free from Poetic Colors.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!!

Hello!! Hello!! Happy Easter to you all! I hope you stuff yourselves with chocolate and don't even get sick!! I've found a few cheapies for this fine day:

Left: Evie's Closet Faery Special Edition, 100l$ (limited time offer)
Right: My Precious Butterfly Princess (5l$, group only offer but no fee)

Left: My Precious April dress (10l$ group only)
Right: Nushru Cracked in Lavender (group gift)