Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Poetic crush

I have to confess... I do have this HUGE crush on Lano Ling, the talented and adorable (and oh so handsome) designer of the eyes of my dreams, Poetic Colors eyes... and since autumn started yesterday, Lano has just released a series of beautiful autumn eyes... and a new freebie! It is called Blue Autumn and well... I love it!

Top: Piece of Candy subscribo group gift
Hair: Analog Dog (not free, but they have a bubble on the beach with a pack of freebies, including this hair in a different color)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Zenith lucky camps

Hello all!!

There are lucky camp chairs at Zenith, which means not only the letter has to be the one that begins your name, but you also have to camp for the item... for 30 seconds. Totally worth the wait if you want my opinion because here are the cute things I got there:

All the clothes, Yael's hair, Yael's fruit basket: Zenith, lucky camps
Skin: On Yael, Tuli; On Rosie, Curio
Hair on Rosie: Calico

Friday, 18 September 2009

Elate and Darker Side...

New group gift at Elate (go to the store and hit the subscribo), this pretty dress... and everything at Darker Side is 1l$ only (all the hair shown plus lots of others, and shapes too)

Down on my knees...

Last friday I was a happy faun, slowly but surely falling in love with an amazing man, this week, it's a brokenhearted me who shows you my finds from 50l$ friday... so many things can happen in such a short week... *sighs and puts on her pretty dress*

Dress: Katat0nik, 50l$ today only
Hair: Tiny Bird, 50l$ today only

Group gift at Kouse's Sanctum

Lady Kouse, the talented designer I am proud to call a friend, just sent out her latest group gift to her subcribo members... If you are not a member yet and would like to get the gown, you can still grab it at her main shop for 100l$ for a limited time... And while you're there, slap the subscribo, it's free, won't take a group slot and you'll get a gorgeous design on a regular basis (usually once a month)

Non free stuff:
Hair: Magika
Skin: Curio

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Luna's Boutique

*Lunas boutique* just sent 2 gorgeous pants in their group notices... Also check past notices for other goodies...

Non free stuff:
Top: KO Designs (not free but they have a gift card in the midnight mania board)
Hair: Maitreya
Skin: Tuli Hope Natural

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Cute and free.

1) Sugar Cube has new subscribo gifts! Head to the store, click the thingie and grab your gifts on the counter!

The shoes are a freebie from 50Flats...

2) Doux Petit Dahl has not one, not two, but 3 (!!!) new brands and just sent to their subscribees a pack of goodies for each... I am showing you two of them. First, a series of lovely tops:

And THAT! O.M.G I love it!!! It's so cute and I want it in RL!!

Non free stuff:
Hair: ETD Nadia
Skin: Curio June Racoon
Eyes: Poetic Colors, Dark Wood

Monday, 14 September 2009

Lucky chairs at Phoenix & Firefall

Phoenix Designs has new items on their lucky chair, and I got lucky enough to grab this lovely skin and adorable eyes:

Hair is from Magika, not free.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sale @ Evie's Closet

The lovely Evangeline Miles is having her spring cleaning (yes, it is spring where she lives) and offers some of her gorgeous gowns at a reduced price. I selected the 2 that are under 100l$, but there are others, you should go take a look!

Dresses: Tia Spice (50l$) and Octavia in red (75l$), Evie's Closet
Hair: ETD Bonita, 1l$ in discount section

Full price stuff:
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Do you really wonder? (Poetic Colors)

100% free... or almost

Today is all about free things!! I was helping a new resident the other day and dragged her all around the grid to pick up free things... So I figured I'd show them to you too... To be honest I actually had to spend... 1l$!!

Shape: El Oh El, Holly shape, 1l$
Skin: Aimesi group gift (join group and get the whole pack in store)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (in case you were still wondering) free for avis under 30 days (outside the shop, there still is the old freebie from Slice of Summer available inside for everyone though)
Hair: !Lamb, Unbirthday redux, freebie in store
Dress: Grim Bros, Proper Pumpkin Halloween dress (yes I know, already! but it's really pretty)

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Edit: the dress hasn't changed yet so you still have a chance to get it!!!!!

We did it! Me, my alts, and last but not least my huge family of Lucky Chair Stalkers managed to reach the goal for this very nice dress at Grim Bros. The gift changes every day so it's most certainly a different dress today, so why don't you go take a look and slap the board?

Non free stuff:

Friday, 11 September 2009

Happy friday!

Today's friday, and for a few weeks now, designers have been spoiling us with a awesome event, 50l$ friday! Here's my selection for this week's.

50l$ stuff:
Dress: 5th&Oxford
Hair: !Lamb (comes in 2 different shades of blond)

Free stuff:
Shoes: Baby Monkey, group freebie in store.

Non free stuff:
Skin: Tuli

Cobrahive hunt

I don't usually hunt. Mainly because I miss the time to do so (and also because I am a lazy ass). I do however sometimes pick up some of the hunt gifts from my favorite designers... But when I received the note about the opening mini-hunt on the Cobrahive sim, I figured "hey, it's only 5 items, they should be quickly found!" Ha! Too bad, the little snakes are not "little", they are minuscule!!! Eager to respect the designer's will, I won't give out the coordinates, but let me give you a few hints: check trees and stones first... then, there is one who is about to take swimming lessons and one little perv who likes to sneak under the teacher's skirt... Have fun hunting!

Headset, piercings, tie, choker and wrist things, all from the Cobrahive hunt
Shirt: Cobrahive, freebie in store
Jeans: Lunas Boutique group gift (join group and get in notices)

Non-free stuff:
Hair: Tekuteku (I think it was 10l$ - can't remember I've had it for a long time)
Skin: Tuli (Hope - Goth)

Special thanks to Lolly who showed me the first one so I could get started, and Crystaleen who helped me with the devilish #3!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sugar Cube needs your opinion!

Sugar Cube is having a survey about resizing scripts that you can fill here. It'll only take you a few minutes and you'll receive this adorable pretty dress (left).

The one on the right is the latest group gift, available in store.

Pink attitude

Left to right:
Heresy in pink, Canimal, lucky chair gift (Thank you Victoria for calling in group chat!)
Cristallina dress, Reale, DSN gift

Not free:
Hair: ::69::
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Shoes: Baby Monkey

Cute little dresses...

Hello there! I'm Yael, I am a faun and I love cute little dresses! I have found quite a few of them on different blogs and in some shops, and I am going to show them to you:

This is a Fawn, subscribo gift and group gift.

Oranjeade dress from PR!TTY, Hannah frill dress from Modd.G (from SOS hunt)

Shirohato: lucky board (Bambi dress), dollarbie (middle) and cat and roses dress (60l$)

C'est la Vie in the middle and Niniko on the side (group gifts in store)

All poses from POSEbility, 4 different dollarbie packs of 3 poses each.
Skin: Tuli, september profile pics reward

Non free stuff:
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Footwear: Baby Monkey for the human shoes, Titania's Court for the faun adornments

A piece of Candy


For this first post I thought I'd show you some sweetness... this adorable top is from A Piece of Candy

Blue version, subscribo gift (unfortunately there is no history, I'd go slap it now if I were you, you don't want to miss next gift)

Red version is the dollarbie in store. (there is a whole room of dollarbies there btw)

Not free: