Monday, 31 October 2011

Maai & Magika

I am trying new things, picture wise, so bear with my experimenting and please keep in mind I do not have a badass computer with killing graphic card. Maai is a new to me shop that I discovered thanks to Shayariel. It sells cute things and has treats for their group members : group gifs and a midnight mania board. The MM board gift changes on a regular basis so I'm only showing you the current group gifts, a cute pink dress and a whole outfit (it even includes the shoes)

Also, Magika, one of the best SL hair shops, is having a short 50% off sale. The most recent hair packs are now 125l$ instead of 250l$ (2 different color packs, one with natural colors, one with more "funky" ones) and the older ones are only 100l$

Credits :

Special thanks to Shayariel Teardrop

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Male gift skins!

This is just a quick early morning post to let you know Akeruka has 2 male skins for only 1l$ each for their group members (joining fee is only 150 atm, so hurry before is goes back to 250l$)

The World's End Gardens

Imagine a place that looks like the end of the world has come and gone, and all that's left are ruins of a long vanished happy era. Heaven and Hell are so close you could almost touch them... actually, maybe you can. Take a secret passage and find yourself at an altar, half hidden behind white trees... beware of the snake, he's already hurt those two, whose hearts lie in boxes, still beating. There's an infinite sadness in this place, yet its beauty is breathtaking. The World's End Gardens has not one, but many gifts available for the daring who join the group (free) : dresses, with names as melancholic as "Requiem pour une sœur perdue" (Requiem to a lost sister) or "La Nuit du Chasseur" (The night of the hunter). Join group and grab them on the gorgeous Dernier Lamento sim.

Credits :

  • Gowns by World's End Gardens (free for group members)
  • Hair by Elikatira (sale ends today)
  • Skin (not free) is Curio's latest amazement, the Visitor.
Special thanks to Maelenn Catteneo

Saturday, 29 October 2011

It's only mystery... and I like it!

If you are, like me, an absolute fan of Kouse's Sanctum's gowns, prepare to jump around and scream with joy and excitement. Kouse has set up a hunt, with 17 mystery gems scattered all over her store, sold for 75l$ each, and each containing a gorgeous gown that's sold normally for 350 to 500l$. 17 Gems, 17 Gowns, 17 days to complete the hunt (or just pick your favorite colors if you like). The colors of the gem will dictate the color Of the dress, but the style of the dress itself will be a mystery. No two gems contain the same style of dress, and all are best selling Sanctum favorites. I'm only showing you some of them, for lack of space (and some laziness, I must admit), and also to keep part of the mystery.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's late and I have no inspiration for a title.

But I have pretty pictures to show you! This cute little number is one of Kouse's latest creations, and she's selling this special edition for only 75l$. You know you want it.

Credits :

  • Gown : Kouse's Sanctum, Irina Special Edition (75l$, grab it now!)
  • Skin : Curio Fall (sooo gorgeous! -full price)
  • Ears, eyes, hair and piercings : see previous posts.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Riddle group gift

No comment needed. Join the group and get this cute number in store. 


Cheap or free :

Other :

Sunday, 23 October 2011


As Halloween is getting closer, you may have noticed that, unlike the rest of the blogging community, I'm not flooding the blog with bloody orangy posts. Why is that? Mainly because where I live, Halloween is something we see on US TV shows, not something we do. Don't get me wrong, I would like it if I actually lived in a country where means something though. Anyway, Halloween lover or not, some things are just to good to miss. Evie Miles has set up her past year's Halloween special edition of Fable for only 50l$, it comes with a short ballet skirt option and a lingerie-like corset.

Credits :

Full priced item :

Sale @ Elikatira

Well, I guess the title of this post pretty much says it all. Sale lasts until the 30th, discount is 70% (that's an Essential Pack for 75l$!!!) and you don't want to miss it. Here are a few samples of what you can grab. Some I already had in my inventory, most I bought today. Elikapeka Tiramisu's hair is so adorable, it's the hair I want in RL. So much so actually that, next time I'm going to the hairdresser, I'm definitely taking pics of my avi with me. 

Credits :

Monday, 17 October 2011

Look of the day 10/17/2011

Don't get me wrong, there won't be a daily look of the day as -but you probably know that already- I don't blog daily. But I've put together what I think is a nice outfit that I am wearing today and I wanted to share it with you.

Free / cheap :
  • Shorts : C'est Moi, Zombie Popcorn Hunt Prize
  • Romper top and mesh sweater : Jane, 1st anniversary group gift (the romper top comes in a gazilion colors) - the tights are from Jane too btw
  • Shoes : FIR&MNA citizen boots (they were part of the 4*44*444 event and sold for 44l$ then, now, well, I don't know, but you might want to check the main store, because they're are really nice)
  • Nail polish : RezIpsa Loc, Dark Nail pack, 50l$
  • Background : Balls of Hay at Dusk by Gabrielle Swindlehurst, available for free at the Gallery Gift Shop.
  • Eyes : Banana Banshee group gift.

Eden in fall

Evie Miles has put up a new and exclusive color of the lovely oufit Eden at the Gallery Gift Shop for 99l$ only. It includes the hat, wings and slippers and the way the skirt moves is simply stunning.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Sileny Noel and Eden Knoller have outdone themselves in organising this event for Free*Style's 4th birthday, called 4*44*444. Around 100 of their favorite designers have put up exclusive items for either 4l$, 44l$ or 444l$. Here are a few of them :

  • 4l$ : Stayed Up Blogging Skin by Mango Mango! / Sibyll's Specs by Haut-Monde / Precarious piercing by Ellabella / 
  • 44l$ : The Citizen Boots Brown by FIR&MNA / Connie hair by Esk-Imo (3 types, 17 colors each) / Striped Queen tops by Somnia (3 colors) / River Song eyes by Banana Banshee
    • Not from the event : Hadlee ebony mini-skirt from Jane (mesh) - 125l$