Sunday, 29 May 2011

C'est moi!!

Oui oui, c'est moi... *giggles* C'est moi is a shop I've just discovered and will probably tell you more about in the future, since when I went to get the Project Themeory item of the week, I started drooling instantly on the rest of the shop. I figured I'd first get this first (and super cheap) little dress, try it on, and if it looked as pretty on me as it does on the pictures, I'd get back and buy some more... Yes, I can be that reasonable sometimes... But when I tried it on I remembered that Project Themeory only lasts until tonight and I might as well show this to you while it's still available... So here it is, the Flower Grey dress. Enjoy!

I am matching this lovely dress with my all time favorites Duh! clogs, 20l$ only and never out of fashion.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Once in a blue mood...

Two posts in one day, call the Pope, it's a miracle! But I couldn't NOT show you this lovely June Summer dress from My Precious, plus it's blue and I thought I would make it some sort of theme color for today...

Oh I forgot to mention, it's only 10l$... hurry!

Other credits :
  • Hair from Sixty-Nine
  • Shoes from Maitreya (very old group gift)

Something borrowed, something blue...

Let me tell you a secret : the lovely Kouse Singh is getting married! For this occasion, she is organising a special sale on a ton of blue dresses, each sold for 100l$ only at a special place on her sim... Here's your limo.


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Welcome to the Fae side ...

of the Force ... or should i say of the Fashion !
Hair: Groupgift from Lamb
Skin: Matilde Fairy tone (not under 100L but so worth it so check the Cat's post to see more of it)
Outfit: Angelwing (Rose showed you some pretties under 100L .. check the Cat for a few other !)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Some Fae cheapies...

Greetings! I am back (pretty much, winter is definitely over and I'm bound to spend less time on SL for the next few months than I usually do when it's freezing outside a dark after 4pm). I have started roleplaying in a new fantasy-medieval sim and I figured I'd need new clothes... Don't we all? Since I've been of the "in character" game for a while, I had to get some help from my friend Shay, who always know what I mean even why I'm not sure myself, fashion-wise. She sent me to Angelwing and she just made my day!

The Anakarina set includes the dress, ribbons and wings and it's free! I'm pretty sure the whole blogging community has featured it already, but I figured it would be nice to show a reminder.

Other credits :
Hair from Tiny Bird (closed unfotunately)
Piercings set is Ellabella's Signs (80l$)

Should you like something a little more daring (and red!), the Spring Camisk (yes, it's supposed to be a camisk, which, if you didn't know that already, is one of these gorean slave outfits, but since no gorean slave has boobs below a F cup, and mine are an A - or maybe a little B, not sure - the effect is totally different.)
The outfit includes the hair flower and is sold for 100l$ only!
(It also comes in other colors, if red is not your cup of tea)

Thursday, 12 May 2011


Just a quick word to tell you I am not dead, I'm just super busy RL. A photographer friend came to visit me and spend a couple of weeks here with me, so not much time to get on SL... 

Yeah right... busy, huh?

See you soon!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lazy May Day

Not only am I lazy, I'm also super late to show you the latest group gifts from Katat0nik, these 2 cutes dresses, supposedly Easter themed, but hey, they're pretty, so I'm going to wear them anyway. And so should you...

Now with something a little different. LISP has put out their retied items for 1 to 10 l$ in their garden... I bought a few pieces that I love : table and chairs (10l$), potted heart plant (1l$)...

...armchair 10l$...

...sofa 10l$...


... set of heart cussions 10l$.

Other credits :
  • House is a former hunt price from the Albero Kawaii hunt from Modest House
  • Roses eyes - Caribbean from Banana Banshee (new! 80l$)
  • Blind hair from Elikatira (from the spring sale, 80l$, not sure it's still on though)
  • Colored grass from Zigana (former Albero Kawaii hunt)
  • Summer grass and forget-me-nots from Alirium (not free, but totally worth a look)


Naima dress - Suscribo giftie
Summery dress, fresh look and cuteness in the look... That's what I picked in my SL wardrobe this morning and guess what ?
It's a gift from Mashooka, so go go go !

Sexy or cute?

My friend Rissa teleported me to that shop called B&T designs, and it's filled with very sexy outfits for less than 100l$ each. She nicely accepted to model for me that daring set of jeans, shirt and belt (only 50l$)

If you'd rather go with cuteness, Lo*Momo just put up a new group gift in store, this adorable white lacy camisole. My eyes are part of Banana Banshee's latest release,  Roses, and they are the Amber color (80l$)