Sunday, 29 August 2010

Knock knock! Who's there? Evie and TIK TOK

Hello all! Today's specials are a gorgeous little dress you'll just have to have, and more skin enhancements for viewer 2 by one of the rising stars of the moment, and all of that for less than 100l$ each, as usual. You may have recognised the cute little dresses below as short versions of Evie's Closet latest release, Milli. These are available only in the Lucky Dip in store, for 40l$ each, along with other colors, and 2 exclusive versions, a blackish one and a long, coconut ice colored one. Beware, the lucky dip is random, so you might get doubles, but apart for the exclusive items, the rest is transfer, so you'll be able to swap or spoil your friends.

The skins I am wearing on the pictures are from Tik-Tok, and from left to right: Stella medium (group gift - join and get it in store), Stella light (IrEn Village Hunt gift - get warm to get it) and the same skin but using the SLV2 Skin Burner (dollarbie in store). Check the close-up on the very pretty  Stella skin and the before/after skin burner effect below..

Here's the main reason why I couldn't downgrade to a previous viewer, the tatoo layers. I mean, how else could you turn your favorite skin in a gazilion different make-ups for very little money? Tik Tok just released 22 make ups for 99l$ each only, available now in store...They fit with the Stella skins of course, but they also match perfectly all the other skins I've tried.

Credits: Milli dresses from Evie's Closet; skins, skin burner and make ups from Tik Tok; hair from the Library.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Usually, on one's birthday, one gets presents... not for Kouse Singh, who prefers to shower her customers and friends with amazing deals... Kouse's Sanctum turned 3 in July, and for this occasion the designer has just released gorgeous gowns for a tiny price. Each of the following costs 75 to 100l$ only... Less blah blah, more oooohs and aaaaahs:

Credits: Gowns from Kouse's Sanctum, Hair from Magika (take a look at the discount section, lots of gorgeous hair for 20 to 99l$), Skin from Curio, Eyes from Banana Banshee

Monday, 16 August 2010

The reason why there's no post these days...

It's because I'm here:
and enjoying it!

Still, when something really awesome happens, I'm never too far away from my laptop to let you know... and what could be more awesome than my dear friend Kouse releasing a line of dresses inspired by the Kiwi eyes made by yours truly?

The one version I'm showing here is the Midnight Mania one, it includes only the knee length skirt, but it's free! Plus the goal won't be too hard to reach, Kouse set it to 50, so I'd hurry there if I were you, yesterday we had locked it down by 8 am SLT...

Credits: Kiwi dress in Teal from Kouse's Sanctum's Midnight Mania Board, Hair from your inventory (look in your library - made by Truth), eyes by Banana Banshee (30l$ each only), shoes by Baby Monkey (old group gift)