Wednesday, 20 October 2010

No title

Yeah, because not only have I been away from the blog for ages, but I'm coming back a super lazy ass, not even bothering to find a decent title for this post. But to make up for it, I have pretty things to show you.

The skins are from IrEn, one of my favorite skin shops in SL, and are GIFTS! Yay! On the left is Shane, available on the lucky chair (there's also a no-freckles version in the mini-mania -one random winner per round), and on the right is Miah, this make up in all skin-tones is the group gift.
I am not showing you the nipples, because this is a PA blog, but believe you me, they're amazing, I am showing you instead the latest freebie from terri.tees, special for Halloween.

Other stuff on the pic: eyes from Banana Banshee, hair from Maitreya (not free but oh so gorgeous)

ta ta for now...