Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lazy Sunday Looks Like Winter

November 27

Hello, hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend and those in the US had a fantastic holiday. I personally stuffed myself silly, spent time with nieces and cousins playing games and tired myself out. Hopefully some of you caught some of the fantastic deals that went on in SL on Friday, even some continuing through today. I’ve got lots for you today, too! Nearly everything shown is $100L or under, the only thing that isn’t is the logs I placed in the fireplace of the house. The grass outside also was of my own doing, not included with the house.

November 27

For this weeks Lazy Sunday, you can grab the Christmas bike pose prop from What Next, the snow globe necklace at Ey:No (with animated snow!), sweater from Bellies and the skin at Iren, which naturally has these cute rosy cheeks and freckles. Pants are the Bizness Pants, currently on sale at the Plastik. Hair is from Exile. If you haven’t heard yet, huge retirement sale on a bunch of hair from Exile. Single color packs for $50, fatpacks for $250. And the house itself I picked up at Abode’s booth at the Vintage Fair. There are several houses/skyboxes for $50L. I’ll be honest, there are a couple of textures on the outside of this house that you’ll probably want to manually adjust as they, for whatever reason, aren’t aligned properly. I doubt it was made this way, probably a result of the rezzer but they’re easy fixes. Note also, the logs do not come with the fireplace! All other part credits below!

November 27

$100L and Under
Eyes: Tuli - Sparkling Eyes - $30
Tattoo Lashes: Mozz - Lashes 02 - $100 (pack of 9)
Sweater: Bellies - Pima Cotton Knit (For Lazy Sunday) - $50
Eyeshadow: Elymode - Color Frost Pack - $100 (pack of 5)
Rosy Nose Layer: Tuli - Rosy Nose - $30
Necklace: Ey:No - Snowglobe Necklace (For Lazy Sunday) - $75
Skin: Iren - Felina (For Lazy Sunday) - $75
Pants: Plastk - Bizness Plain - $100
Boots: Baby Monkey - MukLuk Boots (outlet) - $10
Hair: Exile - Sirena - $50 (fatpacks $250)
House: Abode - Chloe House (at Vintage Fair) $50
Bike: What Next - Christmas Bicycle Prop (For Lazy Sunday) $75

Monday, 21 November 2011

So many lovely things, so little time...

Hello! Me again with quite a few adorable things to show you! Let's start with probably the funniest yet cutest shirt I've seen on SL in a long long time, maybe ever. Airedine Poe of Adore&Abhor sells it in several colors at the Vintage Fair, for 100l$ only.

The make up I'm wearing on my usual skin is from Mock, and can be found at the Seraphim headquarters, free for group members.

Simple tanktops are a must have in one's wardrobe, and when they're from Somnia and free (Seraphim HQ), there's no reason to miss them!

Here's the Sea Hole's contribution to Seraphim's HQ, this lovely summer suit. (free)

Oh and last but not least, I just had to have that lovely dress from Ivalde, 99l$ at Fashionably Late.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

[insert smart title here] # 1

I know, I've been a lazy blogger this week, but let me make it up to you with lovely things that won't hurt your l$ balance (well, not too much).

First off, Alexohol's mesh pencil skirt, available at the Vintage Fair, that I fell in love with when I first saw it on Shay's blog. It took me a while to get it because, as you probably know if you tried it yourself, the Vintage Fair was lagtastically crowded during the first week, but let me tell you it was well worth the wait... and the 100l$ (a steal!) that it cost me.

I am very much a turtleneck person in RL, and these two cute little numbers made me drool... On the left, Riddle's Cableknit Cutie (100l$ at Vintage Fair) and on the right, RezIpsa Loc's Cowl Neck Sweater, available at Fashionably Late for only 75l$ for a limited time.

Rezzie Luckstone's shop (RezIpsa Loc) is now officially in my "favorites" landmark folder. I love that she makes things simple yet adorable, and at very reasonable prices, like the sweater above. She makes clothes I would want to wear in RL, because just seeing them on my screen makes me feel cozy and comfy.

Like this outfit, that she made for the Seraphim blog's group gift : it includes the tights, the shirt and the feather necklace and you can grab it for free at the Seraphim headquarters (you need to join the group, but it's free)

The adorable hairstyle is from Dura, a new to me store that I'll make sure to check out from now on, and can be found for 80l$ only per color at Fashionably Late.

Above 100l$ credits :
  • Skin : Curio Fall (Nude)
  • Shoes : Adore&Abhor Envy Boots (Vintage Fair)
  • Tights : Riddle Alluring Argyle stockings (Vintage Fair) on the left and Jane's Little Piggies tights on the right.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hunting and the White Armory

Nov 19

Weekend postings.. part 2! The White Armory is having another $100L sale until Sunday evening. Same 2nd floor sections as last time plus the 4th section that wasn’t up for sale last time. This gorgeous, detailed dress is Moonshadows Spirit which you’ll find in that added 4th section.

Nov 19

I used the skin from Katsucide this time. It’s the hunt gift for the Diamond Is Mine Hunt. See their website for pics and details. Note however, I did add a lipstick and some eye makeup. Orange lips just weren’t matching with my purple dress! The necklace is from Oomph! and can be picked up in their closing sale. I just checked the store and it’s still there but I can’t remember when I read it will be going away entirely. There are also poses/pose props and couples/groups poses, entire store is marked to $40L.

Nov 19

Another one from the 4th section of sale items at the White Armory. If you don’t like blue, this Sylvan Valkrie outfit also comes in 3 other colors (I think, or at least 2 others). Note however, swords and boots are not included.

Nov 19

And anther skin hunt item, this time from Candydoll. Like the Katsucide skin, I added some lip color and eye lashes. The blue eyeshadow is part of the skin itself. To be completely honest, I don’t care for the dark shadow under the bottom lip on any skin, really, but other than that it has a very “elven” face to me! The hair is also a hunt item from D!va. There are two versions of the hair included and has an array of flowers to the right side that are color change and can be turned on or off.

$100L and Under
Pics 1 and 2-
Dress: The White Armory - Moonshadows Spirit $100L
Necklace: Oomph! - Rose Heirloom $40L
Skin: Katsucide - Laura $0L for DIMH3
Pics 3 and 4 -
Dress: The White Armory - Sylvan Valkrie $100L
Eyelashes (tattoo): Mozz – Eyelashes V2 $100L (pack of 9)
Eyes: Izzie's - Reflection Eyes $80L
Hair: D!va - Mercury Type B $0L for DIMH3
Skin: Candydoll - DIMH3 Skin $0L for DIMH3

Everything Else
Pics 1 and 2 -
Hair: - Summer
Eyeliner: Boom - Liquid Glaze
Lipstick - R.icielli - Lipstick 02/06
Pics 3 and 4 -
Lipstick: Cupcakes - Jewel-Pretty Nude (from Charm skin pack)
Boots: Secret Poison - Fall Boots (color change)
Ears: MW ilweran - Elven/Elf Ear natural
Swords: The White Armory - Invictus Dual Swords

Hunts and Gifts

Nov 19

Other than the Vintage Fair, it’s been relatively quiet on my end this week.. until the weekend hit! A store closing, weekend sale, Fair gifts, group gift and a hunt.. I’m going to break this up into a couple of posts because it could be a bit long with all the credits and details!

The opening pic is a cute mesh dress was sent out to the new Celoe group. If you haven’t heard about this new designer group, check out this blog post. The group is currently free to join but I don't know if it will stay that way. The dress is in the notices!

Nov 19

This lovely, soft skin I used is the current Illusory item at Collabor88. You’ll have until the 7th of December to pick this one up. I did add a lipstick color, eyeshadow and tattoo lashes to it though. And the pearl jewelry shown is the Vintage Fair gift from Caroline’s jewelry. It comes with both a silver and gold version.

Nov 19

Elegant black dress is a hunt item from Angel Dessous for the Diamond Is Mine Hunt. See their website for pics of all the hunt prizes and details.

Also note the background is a gorgeous skybox from and is available at the current Black Market for $40L! Truth be told, I have an addiction to skyboxes/prefabs because they provide an array of backgrounds and instant studio sets.

$100L and Under
Pics 1 and 2-
Eyes: Izzie's - Reflection Eyes $80L
Skin: Illusory - Paige $88L for Collabor88
Eyelashes (tattoo): Mozz – Eyelashes V2 $100L (pack of 9)
Lipstick: Heartsick - Lipstick Pack of 15 $100L
Dress: Celoe - Chelsea Dress $0L Group Gift
Jewelry: Caroline's - Simple Pearl Drop $0L Vintage Fair Gift
Pic 3-
Dress: Angel Dessous - Pleasure Dress $0L for DIMH3

Everything Else
Eyeshadow: Natural Beauty - Makeup Set 14
Feet: Maitreya Gold - Bare Feet Tip Toe
Hair: - Summer

Saturday, 12 November 2011

For The Weekend

Hi guys! Yes, me again.. I wouldn’t put money on me posting this frequently all the time though, it's just one of those weeks. Found some more goodies for you, though. And this time, I’m getting to display some of that style preference I mentioned in my intro.

The White Armory is having a sale on some of the older gowns. There are 3 sections upstairs all marked to $100L each. Here are some of the ones you’ll find up there, but it’s this weekend only!

Nov 12 - White Armory

Winterberry – Comes with a hood, not shown.

Nov 12 - White Armory


Nov 12 - White Armory

Northern Star.

Nov 12 - White Armory

Vampire Queen.

The last two pics here are using pose props from Magnifique (The Old Shack and The Castle Window). They’re having a sale this weekend too, $50L on everything!

All photos (even with the props) were taken in/on a square, walled in winter garden from A.D.D Andel. It comes boxed with 2 versions, one with snowy trees and one with green pines. It is copy/mod so you can make it bigger/smaller and move the trees around. Currently on sale for $100 for La Venta Eventa. (falling snowflakes not included)

Also a reminder, the Mystery Gem Hunt at Kouse's Sanctum ends the 14th too! Details on Rosie's post..

(Side note.. for those possibly seeing this twice elsewhere.. my bad! My first big "oops" and posted to the wrong blog..)

$100 and Under

Gowns: The White Armory - $100L Each

Pose Props: Magnifique - $50L Each

Platform/Garden: A.D.D Andel! - $100L for La Venta Eventa

Everything Else:

Hair: Truth – Karen - Barely

Skin: D-Skin –Dskin 62

Friday, 11 November 2011

It's Still Friday!

Ok, I should have done my shopping earlier today cause Friday is almost over already! I apologize, I became distracted by snowflake stuff.. With the stuff below, my “not casual often” comment still appears to be a lie. Would you also believe I prefer to be blonde and blue eyed?

Nov 11

One of the important reasons I’m kicking myself for time management is showing off this sweater! It’s from Kyoot and available in 4 color tones for 50L Friday. I’m headed back as soon as I’m done writing here to grab the other 3 colors, cause darn it’s cute. In all and total honesty, I don’t generally care for stomach prims on shirts, most of the time I figure out a way to wear it without using them. I was able to mod this one enough though where it didn’t bother me at all.

The jeans are jeans you can move in! Yep, they’re mesh and free from Slink. They’re in a box by the redelivery terminal and come with a hud to change the shade from light, medium and dark jeans. There are several sizes in side, but keep in mind since they are mesh, you will likely need the use the alpha layer and possibly edit your shape some to fit in them. Think of it as dieting to get back into those jeans you used to love ;)

Hair is in the brand new Dressing Room Blue collection from Exile. It’ll be up for 2 weeks and comes with 4 color shades.

And last but not least is this pretty skin! It’s a base skin, I added a tattoo liner/lash layer so keep that in mind when purchasing. But, it’s $10L per tone on the base Eliza skin from Apple May Designs.. for this weekend only! Because I’m a complete skinaholic that changes my appearance often, I bought 5.. Tattoo makeup layers are my friend anyway!

Nov 11

Oh yeah, almost forgot! The pose is from Olive Juice also for 50L Friday. Pack of 6 variations of casual poses for 18 total.

That’s it from me today. Got something more along my style line up and coming if Rosie doesn’t get to it first! Until next time.. (Edit: Nevermind the “my style” note. Rosie got to it first!)

$100L and Under

Hair: Exile – Tabitha Roots – Maple - $60L for TDR Blue

Skin: Apple May Designs – Eliza – Peachy Bare Base - $10L (this weekend only!)

Shirt: Kyoot – Simple Cozy Sweater – Coco – For FLF 11-11-11 - $50L

Jeans: (MESH) Slink – Bootcut Jeans – Free

Eyelash/Liner Tattoo Layer: Mozz – Eyelashes V2 – 03 - $100L (pack of 9)

Everything Else:

Eyes: Nanny Merlin – Natural Eyes – Brown 11

Boots: Elikatira – Secret Boots - Molasses

Anne, ma soeur Anne...

Today I get to be a princess... and I love it! It's been a while since I've roleplayed and I must admit I miss it sometimes. I used to wear adorable gowns like that all the time... Well, not exactly like this one, for the Princess Shoppe's creations are quite new on the grid, but already worth talking about. This particular color is called Delectable Cocoa, and part of the new designer's third batch, Princess Anne. What makes it special is that, for the next week or so, you can get it on the Marketplace for only 99l$.

Other stuff (not necessarily under 100l$, but worth crediting all the same) :
  • Hair : Soft in brown 04 & 08 by Elikatira (88l$ for the Essentials pack at Collabor88 this month)
  • Skin : Fall - Nude by Curio (1000l$ for one skin, 3000l$ for the fatpack)
  • Poses : PDA for Collabor88 (88l$ for 8 poses)
  • Eyes : Venus - Rose by Banana Banshee (former group gift)
  • Piercings : Signs by Ellabella

Thursday, 10 November 2011's affair

Hello! *waves* I’m Neida (Neida Rae in SL) and have been graciously allowed to blog here on Rosie’s crew. I’m humbled by even being allowed to try my hand, thank you for opening the doors to some new adventures J I am pretty darn new to blogging in general and to using Blogger so I promise I’ll try not to mess up too much!

On to new stuff! Casual, in general, is a bit of a departure from my normal look but those details will be apparent later on. I love the store though and they happen to be at Collabor88 this month! This top and jeans are a complete set for $88L until the next round beginning December 8. Rosie blogged a couple other pieces you can get in this round, too.

Nov 10

This skin is from Glam Affair and can be found at the current Dressing Room set for just $70L. With the Vintage Fair opening tomorrow, November 11, soft, pale faces with bold, bright red lips will be seen everywhere and here’s one of your options.

Nov 10

I look forward to sharing more here soon! Happy weekend (since it’s technically Friday here in about 10 minutes)!

$100L and under:

Outfit: - Charm Blouse and Jeans at Collabor88 - $88L

Skin: Glam Affair - Gio Natural - Fall/Winter A at The Dressing Room - $70L

Eyes: Tuli - Reflection Eyes - Hazel - $30L

Prim Eyelashes: Redgrave - 01 Daily - $90L

Everything else:

Hair: Truth - Nahla 2 - Sandlewood

Feet: Maitreya Gold - Bare Feet Tip Toe

Sweet dreams.

Hello everyone! I've finally taken the time to go to Collabor88, a monthly event with renowned designers setting up exclusive creations for a discounted price (mostly 88l$) and I grabbed a few things I want to show you :

Collabor88 stuff :

  • Paige skin from Illusory : 88l$
  • Soft hair from Elikatira : 88l$
  • Poses pack n°2 from PDA :  88l$ for 8 poses
Other cheap stuff :
  • The lovely skybox is only 1l$ for VIP group members of A:S:S (current joining fee : 150l$)
I couldn't pose naked :
  • Blouse by C'est Moi!
  • Pants by Jane
  • Eyes by Banana Banshee
  • Piercings by Ellabella

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A lazy sunday at RezIpsa Loc

RezIpsa Luckstone likes things simple. She makes gloves layer nails because, just like me, she never managed to make those ever so artificial prim nails fit right. And the result is lovely. She makes clothes that I would wear in RL, that make me feel comfy. The bell sleeve Mustash sweaters in pink and white are the first of the series that will be released sometime next week, and are sold for only 75l$ for the 2 of them, part of the Lazy Sunday event.

This extra long sleeved shirt is out right now, also at RezIpsa Loc, for La Venta Eventa, and will only cost you 45l$. The matching nails (how cool is that?) are part of a 9 color "Autumn Nails" pack available for 50l$.

 Credits :

In a Katat0nik state...

Well, you know, it's Sunday morning after all, and one's allowed a little laziness, right? So before I go back to bed for the first of numerous sunday naps, let me show you Katat0nik's latest group gift (there is however is joining fee of 250l$ but the regular gifts make it worth it). The lovely outfit includes the socks.

Credits :

Free or cheap:

  • Outfit & socks from Katat0nik (group gift)
  • Shoes from Duh (Duh shoes are always super cheap and cute)
Fully priced items :

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello, World!

It is the second time in a few days I have Shayariel to thank for, as she once again teleported me this morning to yet another lovely and new to me place, to slap a lucky board. As it took me about 5 minutes to rez properly, I missed the white dress and R never came up again after that. But since I was there I cammed around (the place is beautiful, it inspired the pictures on this post) and grabbed a few gifts :

That pretty little dress is another lucky board gift, (you need to join the group, but it's free) or if you're unlucky like me (or don't want to wait), you can grab it for 60l$.

This one is supposed to be a Halloween gift, so I don't know how long it'll still be available, but I think it's cute any time of the year.

That one is also a free gift from the same shop.

Oh and, last but not least, the current group gift, this adorable top. Should you want it in other colors, it can be purchased for only 120l$.

Credit :
  • Dresses in pictures 1 & 3, top in picture 4 : Hello World (free)
  • Orange dress in picture 2 : Nino (in the same shop - free)
Special thanks to Shayariel Teardrop.