Tuesday, 30 March 2010

There's a little shop...

...called LA. It sells cute stuff for cheap prices. There's a freebie (left) and a series of cute and simple little dresses that are currently discounted to 10l$ (right, available in different colors)
You should go take a look!
Other stuff:
- pumps free from Maitreya subscribo (yes there are a bazilion colors),
- hair from Maitreya (not free),
- skin from Curio (not free)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Poetic Colors and Kusshon freebies...

Hello! I don't have much time because I'm about to run back to work after a week off trying to get rid of a bronchitis (right, you don't care, sorry) but I wanted to show you these gifts from the amazing Beolas Whitfield (Kusshon) and Lano Ling (Poetic Colors)...
Blanket and tulip basket with 6 sitting anims, free from Kusshon

Spring Meadow eyes, free from Poetic Colors

*runs down the stairs and waves*

Lucky at Cupcakes and hair SALE!

Quite a few good news for you on this sunny monday morning. First, there is a new skin line at Cupcakes and for this occasion 2 dollarbie versions of Allure are now available at the main store.

Skins: Allure Copper Rave and Mocha Wild, 1l$ each (2 brows options, 2 freckles options)
Tops from the lucky stuff.

Since I was there I also stalked the lucky chairs, board and cupcake for a little while and got other skins and clothes:
The second big news is a SALE at Magika! Until next monday, april 5th, ALL hair are discounted 50%, which means you can get the classy Kea (above) or the funky Ribonetta (below) for 99l$ a color pack... The place must be crowded right now so I'd strongly advise you to go as primless as possible...

Pumps free from Maitreya subscribo, Skosh boots from Duh! (super cheap as usual)

I'd like to give a big thanks to the generosity of these designers, who provide us with amazing designs at an affordable price.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Icon hunt

Hello! I just did part of the Icon hunt and wanted to share my favorite finds with you. I couldn't manage to do the whole hunt because soon after I started the whole american continent seems to have awaken and the sim was super lag fest. So, if you consider doing this hunt (or any other for that matters) remember no one cares if you have the most gorgeous hair / tail / gown one can find on the grid, you're all grey anyway, so why not just go bald?

Left to right: dress from Mashooka, Paper Doll and Zaara (omg beautiful!)
Shoes in the middle from Heart and Sole

Left to right: dresses from DCNY, Vogue and My Precious, pose is from Amacci.

Underwear from Blacklace

Other items featured on this blog: hair (not free) and shoes from Maitreya (the shoes are free in the subscribo)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Brand new store and lucky chest.

Lady Kouse has been working around the clock these past few days to finish the new main shop (Kouse's Sanctum). The place is huge, it's a beautiful palace and you should really go take a look. If you're not convinced yet, here's something that may make you change your mind:

This is a lucky chest, and there's no booby price in it, only great stuff: jewels (I grabbed a few circlets and necklaces, all adorable), gems and coins that you can collect to win gowns and jewelry, and even gift certificates! I caught one saying "One free dress" and here it was, I could choose any dress from the shop! (value under 450l$). I chose Nahlayea, in lime, just because I love it, but the possibilities are almost infinite! (Free gown offer limited to one per month and per avatar, but the gifts are all transferable...)

Hippy Shake and blood

It's been a while since I last blogged an item from Lemania Indigo designs, but this Retro Hippie dress really made me want to drink sangria on the beach, and for a moment I pictured myself doing so and it felt good...
Dress, bangles and shoes, 60l$ week end item this week at Lemania's
Hair not free from Maitreya

What else did I do today? I mean apart from daydreaming about spanish beatches? (and cough my lungs out RL because of a mean bronchitis). I went to Blue Blood to stalk the lucky board. I didn't get all the 8 different colors, but these should give you a good idea of how Wonderland looks like, and I love the kitties on the dress. By the way have you seen the movie yet? I haven't but can't wait for it... A new Tim Burton is always a must see, to my opinion... But that's not today's topic, so here they are, the lucky board dresses:

Dresses from Blue Blood, 8 lucky boards, one for each color, 10 minutes each.
Clogs from Duh! (20l$ each and shame on you if you don't already have them)
Hair not free from Maitreya

While I was waiting for my letter to come up I perused around and found out that the old lucky board gifts are now available on the shelves for usually 50l$ each only. I grabbed a few to show you:

Dresses, Plaidstars in green and Wanda in pink and SheDevil in red below, 50l$ each from Blue Blood, Bangles from Chuculet (I think they were a hunt gift) and hair from Syds, new and not free but there's a different color available in the 3 minutes lucky board there.

Skins on all pics from Curio

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Come on closer...

I have a secret to tell you... there's a sale at TIK TOK! Among the 250l$ skins are hidden discounted ones... These are just a few of them, but there are much more... Each skin comes in both clear and freckled options and with 2 cleavage possibilities.

Left: Leila Pale Black (50l$). Right: Leila Pale Blush (25l$)

Left: Rene Autumn Blue ((50l$). Right: Rene Spring Vine (50l$)

Monday, 22 March 2010


Gem is an exclusive make up from the new skin line, Eva, and the latest group gift from Tuli. The group has a 250l$ fee to enter but it is totally worth it, really. The group gift comes in all tones and 2 cleavage options.

Hair is D.A.N.C.E, free from Tiny Bird and the eyes are the Gold Brown eyes from Rosie's Thingies (50l$)

Breaking the rules...

I know I am not supposed to show you anything above 100l$, BUT, these new gowns from Evie's Closet are not only much cheaper than what we're used to, they also come with a stamp card that will allow you to win amazing gifts in the Wild Released Hunt (march 20th to April 18th). Read more about it here.

Nathalie gown by Evie's Closet, 150l$ each, comes with 2 skirt options and 2 top options. Skin is the latest Tuli design (full price)

Now what about the Wild Released Hunt? Well here are some of the gifts I grabbed:

The dress is Nyria, an exclusive design from Evie's Closet
The Skygoddess cave is the price from Balderdash

The Varda rose crown (scripted, amazing color choice) is from Illusions

This adorable outfit is the price from Silent Sparrow

Friday, 19 March 2010

RFL and Evie cuteness

If you haven't been to the Relay for Life Clothing Fair yet, now would be the time because it's ending soon. Despite my fears about lag, the place is actually super nice to visit this year (just please be responsible and avoid super primmy hair and clothes and other lag inducing scripted attachment (Bald is Beautiful...) I have blogged a selection of the gorgeous gowns one can buy for a good cause here. But today I'm showing you a free gift from Evie's Closet, to grab at the fair.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Fields of G...orgeousness?

I don't usually use backgrounds for my pictures because they never end up looking how I want them to, but when I found the various subscribo gifts from G*Field, I just had to shoot... a field...

Dress, top and shoes from G Field subscribomatic
Click to enlage pics


it's a color that you want to cling to...

The Relay for Life clothing fair has started, and already the lag is killing us all... I've still managed to grab the gift at the MiaMai local store, this adorable dress, that I matched with the Susan pumps in white satin from Baby Monkey (group gift)

The clothing fair isn't a reason to stop hunting, and the Greatest Love Quest for Excalibur started on march 13th, and will be going on until april 3rd... one of the participating stores is my good friend's Kouse's Sanctum... here's the price one can get, this gorgeous version of Diana...
Also shown on the pics (not free): hair from Magika and Tiny Bird, skin from Curio

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Little bit of this, little bit of that...

Hello there!! I have quite a few things to show you, to make up for all the days without a post... On the left, Cecilia wears one of the lucky board prices from JE Republic, a skin given by Sileny Noel from Mango Mango to the lucky chair stalkers group, hair from Exile (group gift) and shoes from Duh! (20l$ only) On the right, Lua wears MiaMai's latest group gift, shoes from Baby Monkey (group gift) and skin from TIK TOK (group gift).

Ooooh... more here!! A close up on the Exile group gift hair, skins from JE Republic (group gift and mini hunt) and dollarbie eyes from Rosie's Thingies.

And last but not least, here comes Yael, wearing the Aimesi Skins St Patrick's group gift, Lamb! hair from the subscribo (there's no history it seems, be sure not to miss it next time) and the gold brown eyes from Rosie's Thingies.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Gowns from Grim Bros

I've always loved the gowns from Grim Bros. They're elegant, yet fit perfectly the steampunk style. One can wear them on various occasions, as a role play outfit, or just to be pretty and feminine... And the ones shown here are cheap or even cheaper...

Printemps II, gift from the Midnight Mania board (it changes often but it's the same today and it's always worth a slap)

Come Spring dress, 88l$ only in the spring arrangement next to the MM board

Jeanne R, free for avis under 45 days old

Thursday, 4 March 2010

IrEn group gift

Skin: group gift from IrEn (an exclusive make up of her new skin line, Maria... you should definitely check the rest out in store!)


Don't you love free hair?

Left: RubisoHo lucky board gift. Right: current ChiChickie group gift

Current ChiChickie group gifts

Exile group gifts

Monday, 1 March 2010

Funky hair for lucky girls

Hello there! I was gazing blankly at my screen earlier and a message in the Lucky Chairs Stalkers caught my attention. There was a R on a lucky board for hair at a shop called SyDS! It's a group only lucky board, but there's no group fee and the boards are only 3 minutes so you won't have to get long to get some of the gorgeous hair shown here, and a few others. While you're there, you should take a look at the hair sold there, it's only 80l$ each!
Other items on the pic: dress from Dilly Dolls lucky chair, shoes from Duh! (20l$), skin from Geisha Dreams (not free) and eyes from Rosie's Thingies (50l$).