Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Albero Hunt

I know, this hunt has been over blogged already, but if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I don't like hunt... searching for hours and sometimes not finding the tiny little thingy you're looking for, it simply drives me crazy. But the Albero & Cioccolata hunt always provides gifts so pretty, it's totally worth the effort! First, grab a hud at the arrival point. Right next to it is a tree stump, it's the first of 16 you have to find to fill your hud (wear it at all times). The first stump will give you a clue to the second one, and so on... some can be very tricky, check the rooftops, under the ground and pretty much everywhere. Once your hud is filled, go to the 36 participating stores to get your prices. Let me sum it up: 16 tree stumps to find for 36 gifts!! Still I suck at hunts so I got help from nice folks who were hunting too, and I would like to thank particularly Rocky, without whom I would probably have given up after item #1 (and who made me laugh a lot)... Now, less blah blah, more ooooh and aaaaaahhh:

All pieces of furniture, house, clothes and props are from the Albero & Cioccolata Kawaii hunt , except for the following:

  • Jeans from Deviance (not free but oh so awesome)
  • Lasting hair from Elikatira (400l$ from the RFL Fashion For Life fair, 100% of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, read more about it here)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Happy Holi!

Today is Holi, a traditionnal holiday in India (I once knew the details, but I must admit I forgot them...) and for this occasion Mashooka Designs has that gorgeous dress for only 1l$! Run grab it, it's today only!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Another shameless self advertising post.

As you know, yesterday was Saint Patrick's day. I made a group gift for my beloved Banana Banshee customers! The first of the Clover series (soon to be released) is called "Paddy", and you can either get the system eyes in the Subscribe'O'Matic or join the inworld group for a tiny fee of 20l$ and get the whole pack with prim eyes and the alpha layer. The "You, RL" shirt is from terri.tees, I think it's only 40l$. If you haven't already, you should definitely take a look at her shop!

Also, the Golden Lotus sim is finally open and my second shop is there! I have set up 3 dollarbies in the shop. They are somewhat hidden, but pretty easy to find, I assure you. Janszoon eyes in Eclipse, Shay and Water are shown below, they're what you can get! The Golden Lotus sim is home to the Blue Lotus Okiya group, an inworld group of Geisha ladies. Take a look around the sim, it's gorgeous, traditional Japan inspired, and you can also find Geisha Dreams' new main shop there... If you're even remotely interested in kimono and ancient Japan related stuff, you're going to love it!


 Shay, named after my friend Shayariel who wanted a greenish brown.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser: Charity is rocking !

Rosie talked to you about it ... but we're not saying it enough. Our friends in the Pacific need our support !

So take this tp to Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Event and take part into this charity moment!
Here is a quick look at the item from my store I~Mae~gination that I've set out there for the event, a japanese screen for 100L, 100% to donation.

I've set another item but.. the price is slightly higher so check the post the Cat made here to see it !

Meow !

You are amazing!

As you all know, Japan is going through a major crisis at the moment. More than 400 designers have decided to help and have set up a whole temporary shop with lots of exclusive creations sold for charity. Each designer has at least an item that gives 100% for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser... As I am typing these words, we have just broke the ONE MILION L$ mark!!! And it's only been open since midnight SLT!!! I have created four exclusive new eyes, japan inspired. They are each sold for 100l$ and buying them will allow you to participate if you haven't already...

 100 goes to PCF

 100% goes to PCF

100% goes to PCF

50% goes to PCF

The place is swamped right now, so if you fear lag you can always visit my shops in the meantime, I have set up the vendors there too... But don't forget to go take a look, event lasts for a month!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shack it baby!

I discovered the Shack thanks to Zahra from Fancifull Freebies, and I hadn't had time to get there and stalk the lucky boards yet... There are 5 of them, with at least 2 different gifts in it, but I haven't been too lucky so far, so here is only a sample of what you can get. The boards are group only, you will have to ask a member to invite you, but it shouldn't be a problem, there is pretty much always a group of people at the boards. There are also 2 MM boards on the side, and they haven't locked for quite some time... Now, less blahblah, more oooohhh and aaaaahh :

I matched the above outfits with that
 amazing hairbase from DeeTaleZ that I got
 in the Moolto hunt and now can't live without.

Hair is the latest Magika hair, Tessa 
(not free but a pure delight)

Jeans from Deviance (not free),
because no matter  how pretty 
Gala Phoenix (Curio) made it, 
I am not showing you my tushie

Weather Forecast

Meant to blog it earlier but duh.. Well this is Kaoru, one color of the whole set which is to be grabbed at Blue Blood on the Midnight Mania Board. More about Ghanima's generousity later !

For the moment, I'm totally dedicated to Fashion for Life event, formely know as the Clothing Fair.
It starts today at noon SL time !
Want info, check their website here.
And the Cat is already in the place so piccies and details can be found here.

PS: I'll try to post here about some goodies and cheapies later !

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The worst blog post ever.

Today, I got back from work, logged into SL and found a selection of terri.tees latest creations. I like her shirts, they're simple yet original, sometimes a little crazy, and alway cheap. Which is why I was pretty happy to find them. So here I am, on my posestand, happily opening my boxes, completely oblivious of the drama that is about to fall over me, smiling, and all... 


I decide which one to wear first, and start removing the numerous layers of clothing I am currently wearing, but strangely enough, they don't seem to disappear... I can't remove my shirt! And I think to myself... what a wonderful crappy world... Anyway. What to do next? Yes, you're right, CLEAR the damn CACHE and relog, right? 


Well, let's face it, it's a fail, because here's what I look like now:

Just so you know, I am wearing an extraordinary shirt from terri.tees (and you can check it here) and I am a bit disappointed that I can't show you my new haircut... who knew I was so cute even a mohawk looks adorable on me?

My friend Eden just taught me a trick to stop looking like a cloud!!! Yay! Since I'm a nice person (mostly) I'll share it with you... On SL2, go to your Develop Menu -> Avatar -> Character Tests -> Test Female (IF you're a female LOL). You will then look like that:

I know. Nightmare. Right? I'm still crying. But at least not cloudy anymore. That's when I tell you to create a folder with your basic self, i.e. shape + skin + eyes + hairbase + hair + clothes (SL2 has a special feature for that, it's called "my outfits" but a plain folder works fine too). Now you can go to that folder, choose "replace current outfit" and... TA DAA!!


Monday, 7 March 2011

Path to Spring Hunt

It's a pretty long hunt, and not everything is ... to my taste, but I have found a few things totally worth the long hours of searching the little blue butterfly hidden in the shops.

Left : Sassy!
Right : Diavolicious

Left : G-series
Right : Spearsong

MO Fashion

Wishing well from Digital DeZines (several different poses)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ze French Touch...

Françoise was trying to focus on her writing, but her hands were shaking, and she couldn't keep her eyes of the clock... 13:04... He was leaving work... 13:38... Probably at the train station now... 13:57... The train was taking off, and she could almost feel it slowly set in motion, bringing her lover, inch by inch, closer to her... She kept looking at the  clock, wishing for  time to go faster... 15:10... He was arriving in Paris now, and would take the Metro all the way accross the city from Saint-Lazare to Gare de l'Est... she was hoping  he would be fine, she'd never trusted these underground machines... 16:09... Train taking off again... her hearts was beating faster now, and she realised she hadn't written a single line all day... She turned of her computer and walked to her bedroom, dropping her comfy clothes on the way...

For a long moment, she considered her own reflection in the tall mirror... She turned around, looked at her petite body and smiled... soon he would be here, holding her in his arms, after those long weeks away... One last look at the clock and she jumped! 17:07... The train was due in 25 minutes...  

She quickly slipped in her new dress and shoes, gabbed her keys and ran down the stairs. When she arrived at the station she could hear the sound of train brakes... She ran even faster.

Jean-Paul was smiling, it was a bright day and he was on the train taking him back to his beloved... He was picturing her smile, her eyes, her curves while staring outside the window... her skin, her voice, her hair... her hair was shorter... SHORTER? It only took Jean-Paul a second to realise the train was stopping and a very real Françoise was beaming at him, standing on the platform. He grabbed his old suitcase and rushed out of the train... 

(the end)

Credits (items from the French Touch Hunt)
Hunt ends march 13th, you're looking for a blue Eiffel Tower.

Friday, 4 March 2011

/me pouts

Hello Folks! If you haven't gone to the Vanity Universe Skin Fair yet, well, you :
  1. Are just like me an hour ago, and completely oblivious of the amazing stuff that can be found there.
  2. Might want to hurry, because it ends on March 6th.
I was litterally drooling over Curio's blog, and particularly over Pout, one of her new faces, that I can't really talk about here, because it's way over 100l$, but will show you tomorrow on Look What the Cat Brought, when something caught my attention: the words "gift" and "Pout" in the same sentence... As you can imagine, I read the sentence twice and then teleported as fast as my crappy internet connection allowed me to and grabbed those four lipstick tattoos for Pout (along with the whole Pout megapack, but that's a whole other story...)

I feel so hot I could totally hump myself right now! Oh BTW, like the hair? It's free (and slightly recolored) from Analog Dog, and you can find it (along with a few others) in a bubble on the beach. What? The eyes? Really? You need me to tell you again that they are from Banana Banshee? *blushes* Oh, glad you like them! They're 100l$

*runs to bed*

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Luna's hot stuff

I've been in the Luna's Boutique inworld group for what seems like forever and I've never regretted it. Luna McMillan is talented and generous and you should definitely take a look at her stuff... just saying. Today, for instance, I'm showing you her 2 latest group gifts. Grab the jeans (unisex) and the silver beads top in the past notices...