Monday, 21 November 2011

So many lovely things, so little time...

Hello! Me again with quite a few adorable things to show you! Let's start with probably the funniest yet cutest shirt I've seen on SL in a long long time, maybe ever. Airedine Poe of Adore&Abhor sells it in several colors at the Vintage Fair, for 100l$ only.

The make up I'm wearing on my usual skin is from Mock, and can be found at the Seraphim headquarters, free for group members.

Simple tanktops are a must have in one's wardrobe, and when they're from Somnia and free (Seraphim HQ), there's no reason to miss them!

Here's the Sea Hole's contribution to Seraphim's HQ, this lovely summer suit. (free)

Oh and last but not least, I just had to have that lovely dress from Ivalde, 99l$ at Fashionably Late.

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