Saturday, 30 April 2011

Got a little ... Deviance ?

Deviance treat !
This edition of Arcane Dancer Silks has been sent to the lucky members of her group and believe me, you'll want to be part of it because all her creations are incredibly feminine, sensual and original !
An example ?
Elementalist outfit was previsouly released but if I'm not wrong you can still get it from the Lucky Chair.
Note there is also an Apple Bobbing filled with tons of pretties !

For more pic of previously released creations, have a look here or here on the official blog !

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Treats

Happy Easter everyone!! I have a few treats for you! This gorgeous gown brought to you by Kouse's Sanctum and for 100l$ only is an exclusive color of Naomi, one of her latest releases. As usual, the prim work is flawless, and the textures gorgeous. Its very light shade of pink could also make it a very decent wedding dress... just saying. Oh and while you're there, Kouse is having a retirement sale on a bunch of old gowns, each sold for 50l$ only... 
Below you can see a close up on the adorable chest ruffles, but also on my latest obsession, a piercing set called Signs and made by Ellantha Larsson from Ellabella, available in store for only 80l$. I've never liked piercings on SL, I usually find them vulgar, but Ellantha definitely made me change my mind. Her work is delicate and out of the ordinary, and I've even remade all my saved outfits to include, from now on, this very pretty piece of jewelry.
As for the moles and freckles, I'm happy you noticed them... {Shameless Self Advertising Alert} They're a tattoo layer that I put up in store in a set of 2 for only 10l$, so if you feel like giving your favorite skin a little more personnality, hop on to Banana Banshee.

The hair was yesterday's Tiny Bird's 50l$ friday offer, but it might still be in store, and it came in various colors...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The White Armory

Have you ever been there ? I mentionned them before in Look What The Cat Brought.. but I thought I'd share this pretty with you this time ^-^
 So.. if you join the group, Nastasia gown will be kindly offered to you ... and then you may shop till you drop ! And I love all the possibilities this gown offers !
So hurry and visit The White Armory !

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Who needs chocolate when you can have glamorous?

R.icielli is having an Easter hunt. 20 eggs, scattered around the shop, are for sale only 15l$ each. I cherry picked the items I liked most, and chose 3 tops and the 2 sets of poses shown below. 



Hair from Sixty-Nine

Monday, 18 April 2011

Zacca & Sway's... & Luna

Good monday everyone! Two cute things for you to start the new week with a happy mood. First is this adorable gypsy-like wagon from Zacca, that you can get in the Swayland Easter Hunt. It's a pretty easy one to do (easy for me to say, I got help - thank you W!), one has to find 10 colored Easter eggs and then go redeem them for the price.

The sexy outfit I'm wearing is Luna's Boutique's latest group gift. Join the group and grab it in front of the store. Also, there is a wall of freebies inside the shop, and regular group gifts.

Other credits :
  • Shoes from Duh! (20l$, boy do I adore those clogs!)
  • Hair by Tiny Bird (100l$ for a color pack in their closing sale)
  • Floating butterflies free from Alirium (group gift)

Friday, 15 April 2011

A quickie before dinner...

I joined Riddle inworld group a couple of weeks ago and I hadn't thought to check the notices!!! There's a group gift still available, but hurry because it's been there for a while apparently. Joining fee is 100l$ but there's a 20% permanent discount on fatpacks, 50% discount on new releases for the first 24 hours, and regular group gifts... so totally worth it!

Read more in my previous posts, Riddle 1/2 and Riddle 2/2

T'is a sad day...

Tiny Bird will be closing at the end of the month. I do not know why, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that nothing serious pushed Autumn Hykova to make that decision, and that she'll come back eventually. On the bright side, there is a closing sale and you might wanna grab your friends and a bunch of linden dollars to have a shopping spree... just like I did :

  • Skinny Love Dress 100l$ (shown in red and black, each comes with 3 different skirt options)
  • Sausalito Shrug, 50l$ each
  • Love Love Love hair, 100l$ for a color pack

  • Morning After Dress, 100l$ (belt is color change)
  • Sodom South Georgia hair, 100l$ for a color pack

  • Painted Flower Dress, 75l$
  • Lost Coastlines hair, 100l$ for a color pack

Poses by [SoO]

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Stringer Strikes Back

Helena Stringer is crazy. She's also very talented, and I think her craziness makes her even more so. If you're looking for a multicolored mohawk, The Stringer Mausoleum is the place to go. I was there earlier because someone in a group was looking for rockabilly hair and I wanted to check if it was still here, and I fell upon a limited edition very cute little dress. It's 40l$ only, and you might want to hurry and grab it, because there are only about 20 of each color left. 

Credits :

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bon voyage!

Evie is taking a much deserved vacation... she will be missed, a lot, but no worries, she'll be back in a few weeks! In the meantime, she put up a recolor of Aventine, Blue Myst, for 50l$ only. If you don't own anything from Evie's Closet yet, now is the time to check by yourself her amazing prim and texture work. Beware! It's addictive...

Credits :
  • Aventine in Blue Myst, 50l$ only @ Evie's Closet
  • Koneko hair from Ploom (full price)
  • the rest is the usual.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday morning quickie...

Elemiah has a free dress for grabs in store. It includes a long boho style matching skirt, but I found the outfit super cute without it and chose not to wear it. I love the 70's spirit and the spring colors... perfect for a BBQ party today!

Other credits :

  • Amelia hair from
  • Platform shoes from G*Field (old group gift)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Riddle 1/2

I have just discovered yet another shop you just have to visit. It's called Riddle and pretty much everything there is adorable, and well made. Here are 3 of the Swan Lake sweaters, for only 99l$ each! You might want to join the inworld group. There's a 100l$ joining fee but then you get a 50% discount on all new releases for the first 24 hours! Check Look What the Cat Brought for pics of the other items I found...

Other credits:

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Petit Pas

There are quite a lot of lucky boards in the Petit Pas Mall. You have to join the Petit Pas group, but enrollment is free... Here are a few cuties I grabbed :

Left : Kyoko Couture, Lena Dress in Cherry
Right : Hal Hina, Lace Cami blue

Lo*Momo, Autumn Bloomer dress
SyDs, Fume hair (exclusive lucky board sakura color)
ALA Pure eyes in purple

[[[nocc]]] AFK thingy

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lust for cheapies

22:50. Feeling super lazy but wanting to post this before I go to bed in 10 minutes. Desperately trying to find inspiration and something smart and funny to say... nope... nothing. Well, let's put up pics and hope they don't notice.

Every piece of clothing (except jeans) and the cute face finger paint tatoo layer is either free or 1l$ (or pay-what-you-want) on the Starlust sim.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Some Fantasy...

Unlike many of my fellow bloggers, I didn't cover the Fantasy Fair this year... Mainly because so many others do already... like my pawed friend, Mae... But I can't not cover one of my top 5 clothes designers, especially when she provides not one, but several items that fit the under 100l$ rule... 

But first I'd like to show you something that was dropped on me earlier and really caught my attention...  The shop is called Fantasia, and they can be found at the Fantasy Fair on the Nemo sim.  Just look at the lovely scales covering my skin... They're a tatoo layer, and absolutely perfect if you're a mer in SL, or just were enchanted or something... The outfit is from Fantasia too, but over the price limit, so no, no, do not insist, I am not talking about it!

 Naïad Scales, 100l$  (6 colors)

There was an auction to free Evie from a cage on the Forest of Light sim earlier, and every donation got rewarded, but since it was the middle of the night for me, I was fast asleep and missed it. Maybe you did too... In this case, fear not, my friend, for Evie has set up the vendors in her main shop, and they're pay-what-you-want, so totally affordable for anyone... plus it's for a good cause. To fight cancer, each l$ counts. There is also a male outfit, so grab your significant (or insignificant) other, and get to Evie's Closet (if he won't come, nevermind, the outfits are transfer!)
 Leafy Faery girl, pay-what-you-want, Evie's Closet

Last, but not least, the adorable Avery outfits include both skirts and is also available in baby pink and baby blue, and sold at the Fair for 50l$ each only... The wings and flats shoes are included.
Avery dress, 50l$, Evie's Closet on RFL Fantasy Fair Forest of Light sim

The hair is an oldie but goodie from Calico, who sure knows how to make curly hair! (not free)

I want summer!

Aren't you all tired of scarves, coats, socks and other running noses, sneezing and cold? Well I am. I want sunshine, I want hot, I want short skirts, sun lotion, ice cream... Oh and I want to get suntanned too...

Ok, I'm still white as a bathroom sink, but we're getting there, right?

Dilly Dolls has 3 new gatcha machines, each with 8 different bikinis like these ones. They're only 15 l$ a try, and of course they're transfer so you can share the sunshine with your friends...

Friday, 1 April 2011

Lucky Banana...

There's a lucky board in both Banana Banshee shops, where you can get 5 different eyes, among which these two :

They only come in their system version, if you want the mix and match and modable size options that the prim eyes provide, you can always buy the other colors in store, they're brand new, 100l$ each only and you can see them here!