Monday, 27 February 2012

Blog Hero Challenge - Week Six - Path to Decay

Slowly, but surely, I'm going through the song lyrics the lovely Shay proposes each week. But this week, oh joy! I found out I could update my graphic card and I'm now able to get all these fancy features, like shadows and depth of field, which totally rocks. Anyway, week 6 theme is "Path to decay" :

Seems like I’m falling deeper
deeper inside myself
Feels like I’m growing weaker, much weaker each day
Along the path to decay

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Wishbox has a free dress for you if you help her win something. She explains it all on her Flickr page but hurry, I'm not sure how long the offer still lasts! Shady Grove is a lovely gown. Honestly, I would have never considered buying that color, but it would have been my loss. I love the details on the dress, like the little strings and the pouch and key on the belt.

Non free or cheap credits :
  • Skin from Curio
  • Hair from Elikatira (new and mesh)
  • Ears from SLink

Blog Hero Challenge - Week Five - So She Dances

"She lifts her hands up to the sky
She moves with the music
The song is her lover
The melody's making her cry
So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance"

Monday, 13 February 2012

Blog Hero Challenge - Week Four - Forever in Blue Jeans

"Money talks
But it don't sing and dance
And it don't walk
And long as I can have you here with me
I'd much rather be
Forever in blue jeans, babe"

Don't talk to me about V-Day

It's always been my least favorite "special" day of the year, even when I was happily married. But at least this year I have something to be happy about : Kouse's Special Valentine Edition of Brianna, available in store for only 25l$.

Credits :
(under 100l$)

  • Brianna Gown, Deep Love, Valentine Special, Kouse's Santum - 25l$
(neither free nor cheap)
  • Hair from Elikatira
  • Skin from Curio

Monday, 6 February 2012

Blog Hero Challenge - Week Three - Girls with Guitars

I know what you think. And you're right. I am LATE. I seriously need to catch up on Shay's Blog Hero Challenge. So, let's start with this "Girls with Guitars" thing. I had planned to only use stuff I already own for this, but my first idea was to recreate that scene from Forrest Gump when Robin Wright is singing "Blowing in the Wind" naked and I couldn't for the life of me manage to hide ALL my naughty parts behind the guitar. So, you know, I had to put on clothes. And I tried half my inventory and NOTHING would fit my idea of the theme... It's not my fault, you see, I just HAD to buy something new... ^^ Unfortunately it's waaaay above 100l$ and therefore shouldn't even be mentionned on this blog.

Spread the love!

In case you haven't heard in the blogosphere, Luna Jubilee is having a mini challenge. The idea is to make a post about what and who you LOVE. Well that's an easy one. 

  • I love my besties : Richy, Eithne and Mae, these three are like siblings to me. We've been friends for over 4 years now on SL and I love them with all my heart.

Left to right : me, Richy Vella, Eithne McBride

Me, Mae

  • I love my friends : Shay, Saffron, Ariana, Cux, Aryanna, Kouse, Evie.
  • I love my SL dad, even if we barely get the opportunity to spend time together anymore, Kiwi.
  • I love my little store on the Oubliette sim, Banana Banshee, where I put up and sometimes sell eyes.
  • I love my blog and my readers
  • I love the designers who make it possible to have a pretty SLife -in alphabetical order- : Curio, Elikatira, Evie's Closet, Fri.Day, Jane, Kouse's Sanctum, Magika, and so many others!

  • I love my SLhubby, Tan, who's not around anymore but who will forever remain the best pretend-spouse (and true friend) a girl could dream of.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Valentines, zombies and other hunts.

The Sakide store is always taking part in a gazilion events, and that's great news! On the first two pics I actually mixed and matched outfits from two different hunts : the shirt is from the Gangster Girl Outfit for Jack or Jill Hunt, and the dress is the Heart Keeper Dress for ZombiePopcorn Hunt

This lovely Crimson Outfit for Rotten Valentine Hunt comes in two versions, a low cut and a high cut one. I accidentally left the shirt collar on for the pictures but I think it actually looks very good with the dress, so I left it on.

Credits :
100l$ or under :

  • Clothes from Sakide (free from various hunts)
  • Eyes from Banana Banshee (max price 80l$ - some of them are on sale, you should check them out)
  • Nail polish from RezIpsa Loc (50l$ a pack)
  • Piercings from Ellabella
  • The pictures were taken here.
Other stuff :
  • Skin from Curio (Uptown)
  • Hair from Elikatira