Sunday, 28 February 2010


So yes, I finally managed to CREATE something to be proud of on SL, and I can't stop gloating about it... *giggles*. So... here's my first set of eyes, and you can find them at my shop, Rosie's Thingies, for 50l$ each. There's also a dollarbie, scroll down to take a peek at the colors...

Gold Brown Eyes

Devil Eyes

Deep Green Eyes

Deep Blue Eyes

Aurora Eyes

Warm Brown Eyes

Uh oh!! That's Indigo, the dollarbie available in store...

I'll be glad to read your feedback, either here in the comments or via a notecard inworld.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

For Lavendar...

This post could be a special for my friend Lavendar, who luuuuurves all the shades of purple! The hair is the latest goup gift from CBC (ah...the talented Bubbles Clawtooth and his hint of craziness...), the skin is Aurora Major, the free make up of the Angelica skin line by Kouse (shown on the previous post)

Not free!
Dress Phyllis in Amethyst, one of my favorites designs of the moment (Kouse's Sanctum)
Eyes from Poetic Colors.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Free skins

Hello all,
I'm out of my retreat for a few minutes, just the time to show you some free skins I caught on the grid...

There's a new shop called Tik Tok on the IrEn sim, and there's a group gift in store. You have to be a member of IrEn group to get it. The skin comes in two options, teethy and normal, and I find it adorable.

Left: If you're a Lucky Chair Stalker (inworld group), you certainly know Sileny Noel, who is one of the pillars of the group and a sweet lady. She makes skins and has a shop called Mango Mango! The skin shown here is a gift for the LCS group members and it's called Victory!
Right: When Kouse Singh from Kouse's Sanctum starts something new it's always a blast, and her very first skin line, Angelica, makes no exception. It's a pale, soft skin tone available in a gazilion make up options. This one, Aurora major, is free for her subscribo members.

Here's one of the reasons I'm not much around these days... True Blood....

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Off the grid

As you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while... I'll be off the grid for some time. You all take care and see you in a while.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quick from ChiChickie

There's a new group gift in the ChiChickie subscribo, this red hair with the adorable color changing hat...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Happy V Day!!

Happy Valentine's day to all of you, may this day be sweet and quiet and peaceful for all of you. Love from Rosie, bunch of roses and pose from doll. (free in store atm)

- Dress from Elate
- Shoes from Duh!
- Skin from LeLutka

Dress free from Clio

Other love, not free:
- Hair on pic 1 from 69, pic 2 & 3 from Magika
- Skin on pic 1 from Curio

Monday, 8 February 2010

Valentine and fae.

Lady Boaz's latest design is a seasonal gown, Valentiva, in red and dark red and to be found in store for 50$l only for group members. Considering the quality of the prim work, it's a steal...


Pink Fuel Skye skin (flushed) 50l$ in the Valentine Bazaar

Sweet Valentine skin, free from Dilly Dolls

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Quiet sunday

Hello everyone! Here are a few things I found on the grid... All the outfits and skins are free or 1l$ from JE Republic, and all the hair (except one) are various gifts from the Chichickie subscribomatic (check history, the pink one is a Valentine special edition, free in store). The hair with the cute green bows is from Love Soul (lucky chair). The pretty blue eyes are free from Poetic Colors (show previously)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

A piece of Candy feb 4th

I know, I know, the title is incredibly NOT original, but I have no imagination today and an episode of Dexter waiting for me... Plus what really matters is the goodies, not the title, right? So, yes, what I'm showing you is this week's subscribo gift from A Piece of Candy. Among other things. If you still haven't slapped their subscribo thingy, 2 possibilities, either you're a new reader or I really am useless... This week's gift is this cute gold dress with 3 skirt options.

The other remarkable things on the picture are:
- the Ruby Velvet flats from Duh! (usually 20l$ for a pair of shoes there, always great quality)
- the Morning hair from Magika (not free but so cute)
- the Bella skin from Tuli (super not free but there should be a group gift soon... hopefully)

So cute...

Dress: Aria's Dream group gift in notices.
Skin: Aimesi group gift in store.
(hair from Magika)

Here's a close up on the skin, it's really "So cute"!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lucky me, lucky you

For a few weeks now, there has been a lucky dip at Evie's Closet. For 40l$ per try only, one can get one of the Chimera gowns, available in 6 pastel colors and a black one (shown below). The gowns are transferable so if you get doubles you can always make a friend happy!

Other items:
Various hair from 69
Skin from Geisha Dreams

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pure Serenity

There's a new talent on the medieval / gowns market! The shop's name is Pure Serenity and I'm already a fan. I started with the free items, just to see the quality, and believe me, it's well worth paying the average 350l$ of each dress. See for yourself:

Carino, gothic, short version, lucky chair price
Suede ankle boots from Duh (20l$)

Siren gown in Mysterious Violet, subscribo gift
(2 sleeves options)

Carino Cherry, 100l$

Things that are not free but that you may still want to get:
- Hair: Magika Kea (one of her latest designs in store, so simple and elegant!)
- Skin: Geisha Dreams' Aioki, in powdered make ups

Monday, 1 February 2010


These days, lady Kouse is being quite prolific and just released Mira, in 30 different colors (full price), including this adorable Bumblebee version for 50l$ only. It even includes the wings!

Hair: Betty II from Magika
Skin and eyes from Geisha Dreams (I just love the Aioki skin line, this is the sweet nude version)