Saturday, 29 October 2011

It's only mystery... and I like it!

If you are, like me, an absolute fan of Kouse's Sanctum's gowns, prepare to jump around and scream with joy and excitement. Kouse has set up a hunt, with 17 mystery gems scattered all over her store, sold for 75l$ each, and each containing a gorgeous gown that's sold normally for 350 to 500l$. 17 Gems, 17 Gowns, 17 days to complete the hunt (or just pick your favorite colors if you like). The colors of the gem will dictate the color Of the dress, but the style of the dress itself will be a mystery. No two gems contain the same style of dress, and all are best selling Sanctum favorites. I'm only showing you some of them, for lack of space (and some laziness, I must admit), and also to keep part of the mystery.

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