Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Taking a break

UPDATE... Seems my laptop also wants me to take a serious break... my graphic card drivers crashes everytime I try to launch SL. I'll format the whole thing and hopefully will be back sometimes next week. Love you all!

As you've probably noticed I'm being lazy these days... I am on a break from SL and hardly ever get online with any of my alts... I still can tell you that:
  • iReN has a gorgeous skin for free in one of the socks on the chimney (part of a hunt I think)
  • Cynful has a dollarbie outfit in store that you don't want to miss
  • I am now going back to RL...
  • Sorry for the lack of pictures (told you I was lazy lol)
On a more serious note, my RL is a bit frenzy these days, and not in the best way... I'll be fine but I need a little time. Thank you all for following the blog I promise I'll be back ASAP.

Rosie (and the rest)

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