Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Please don't be rude!

Here is the quote of a note I received from the Mia Mai update group:

"I decided to put some random gifts, dollarbies and low priced items out in the store, for the Christmas time. Event opened to everybody. Two days are passed and I received way too much complaints.The nails were the first gift. I received IMs about the fact that some ppl don't like the color, or the decoration, or the size or whatever. Nails were FREE. I am not used to complain about gifts, and I find it a very rude habit. Also, I dont have time or energy to loose in answering people about it, actually. Yesterday I placed out a skin priced at 50L. I made a big mistake, writing it was a dollarbie (BUT I wrote a 50L dollarbie... so it's self explanatory in my opinion). Yes, monica Outlander is not perfect. Yes, monica Outlander is not english native. But also.... YES you can see the price of an item before purchasing it. Since I received so many complaints about the price, and even many asking me a refund, I was forced to see things in a new perspective. I also have to say that the complaints where basically not from my customers but by people who came for the gift only.

This said, I have to tell you that I'm gonna close the Christmas Gifts event.
Making gifts takes time, I don't earn from them (Even from the overpriced 50L skin! :O lol), but also I can't spend time for unuseful complaints. I already removed the gift boxes from under the tree, so please don't send your friends here to get them ^_^

I will of course continue to send random gifts to my group, but ONLY to my group (and subscribo of course). Thank you all for your support and continue appreciation :) Whishing you all a nice holiday season


My opinion is that when a designer spends some time and energy putting out some gifts or cheapies, the least we, customers, can do, is say "thanks" and not complain. if you don't like the gift, don't take it.
And to all the designers, thank you for your amazing work!

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