Monday, 21 December 2009

Kouse's Advent Calendar - last part

Since I am not sure I'll have much time in the next few days for blogging, I figured I might as well show you the end of the Advent Calendar in Kouse's Sanctum. As usual, nothing above 50l$, and as usual, lovely dresses and jewels. The skins are all from Curio (full price) and the hair are from various shops (all full price).

Day 21 - Nahlayea - Christmas Red
Hair: ETD Nadia

Day 22 - Snowflake Tiara
Nadia beads for hair from Eolande's

Day 23 - Cyrenia - Christmas
Hair: Elvish from Goldie Locks

Hope Mini - Christmas
Hair: Assassin, the Stringer Mausoleum

Hope - Christmas
Hair from Magika

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