Thursday, 17 December 2009

All I want for Xmas is... all of these!

Wait... I got them already... Yay! and so can you! Left to right: Soft Leather and Classic Dark, camping items from Black Atellier (as promised), 30 minutes each, group only; ChuChu gold top is a group gift from MiaMai (and I am certainly not going to complain about it, I simply find it gorgeous! there's something wrong with the LM though, I'll add it ASAP); Truth Martini Dress (group gifts in notices)

Other stuff:
- clogs from Duh! (20l$ a pair)
- boots and jeans from Decoy (used to be free)
- hair from ETD (20l$ in discount section)
- skins from Curio (totes not free but there's a groups gift atm)

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