Thursday, 10 March 2011

The worst blog post ever.

Today, I got back from work, logged into SL and found a selection of terri.tees latest creations. I like her shirts, they're simple yet original, sometimes a little crazy, and alway cheap. Which is why I was pretty happy to find them. So here I am, on my posestand, happily opening my boxes, completely oblivious of the drama that is about to fall over me, smiling, and all... 


I decide which one to wear first, and start removing the numerous layers of clothing I am currently wearing, but strangely enough, they don't seem to disappear... I can't remove my shirt! And I think to myself... what a wonderful crappy world... Anyway. What to do next? Yes, you're right, CLEAR the damn CACHE and relog, right? 


Well, let's face it, it's a fail, because here's what I look like now:

Just so you know, I am wearing an extraordinary shirt from terri.tees (and you can check it here) and I am a bit disappointed that I can't show you my new haircut... who knew I was so cute even a mohawk looks adorable on me?

My friend Eden just taught me a trick to stop looking like a cloud!!! Yay! Since I'm a nice person (mostly) I'll share it with you... On SL2, go to your Develop Menu -> Avatar -> Character Tests -> Test Female (IF you're a female LOL). You will then look like that:

I know. Nightmare. Right? I'm still crying. But at least not cloudy anymore. That's when I tell you to create a folder with your basic self, i.e. shape + skin + eyes + hairbase + hair + clothes (SL2 has a special feature for that, it's called "my outfits" but a plain folder works fine too). Now you can go to that folder, choose "replace current outfit" and... TA DAA!!



  1. ha ha ha ha! Character test, dear.

  2. hahah this is hilarious!(tav x)