Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shack it baby!

I discovered the Shack thanks to Zahra from Fancifull Freebies, and I hadn't had time to get there and stalk the lucky boards yet... There are 5 of them, with at least 2 different gifts in it, but I haven't been too lucky so far, so here is only a sample of what you can get. The boards are group only, you will have to ask a member to invite you, but it shouldn't be a problem, there is pretty much always a group of people at the boards. There are also 2 MM boards on the side, and they haven't locked for quite some time... Now, less blahblah, more oooohhh and aaaaahh :

I matched the above outfits with that
 amazing hairbase from DeeTaleZ that I got
 in the Moolto hunt and now can't live without.

Hair is the latest Magika hair, Tessa 
(not free but a pure delight)

Jeans from Deviance (not free),
because no matter  how pretty 
Gala Phoenix (Curio) made it, 
I am not showing you my tushie

1 comment:

  1. aw, ty very much, the 5 looks are pretty, but the 1st one is my fave! I'm looking for a good outfit to wear with my faun stuff, and I think the first one is a good choice *.* Btw, the pout skin is adorable, I have the Whine pack, if I could, I had bought the fatpack, because it's soooo realistic *O*