Friday, 4 March 2011

/me pouts

Hello Folks! If you haven't gone to the Vanity Universe Skin Fair yet, well, you :
  1. Are just like me an hour ago, and completely oblivious of the amazing stuff that can be found there.
  2. Might want to hurry, because it ends on March 6th.
I was litterally drooling over Curio's blog, and particularly over Pout, one of her new faces, that I can't really talk about here, because it's way over 100l$, but will show you tomorrow on Look What the Cat Brought, when something caught my attention: the words "gift" and "Pout" in the same sentence... As you can imagine, I read the sentence twice and then teleported as fast as my crappy internet connection allowed me to and grabbed those four lipstick tattoos for Pout (along with the whole Pout megapack, but that's a whole other story...)

I feel so hot I could totally hump myself right now! Oh BTW, like the hair? It's free (and slightly recolored) from Analog Dog, and you can find it (along with a few others) in a bubble on the beach. What? The eyes? Really? You need me to tell you again that they are from Banana Banshee? *blushes* Oh, glad you like them! They're 100l$

*runs to bed*


  1. lol...rosie you make me giggle. LOVE the hair! *runs to go get hair*

    Tavs xx

  2. I am totally in love with your blog!!! Thanks for posting, guys!

    Sorcha Irelund

  3. Meanie *lol* you reminded me on the skin i still needed to fatpack on the fair *lol*