Friday, 18 March 2011

Another shameless self advertising post.

As you know, yesterday was Saint Patrick's day. I made a group gift for my beloved Banana Banshee customers! The first of the Clover series (soon to be released) is called "Paddy", and you can either get the system eyes in the Subscribe'O'Matic or join the inworld group for a tiny fee of 20l$ and get the whole pack with prim eyes and the alpha layer. The "You, RL" shirt is from terri.tees, I think it's only 40l$. If you haven't already, you should definitely take a look at her shop!

Also, the Golden Lotus sim is finally open and my second shop is there! I have set up 3 dollarbies in the shop. They are somewhat hidden, but pretty easy to find, I assure you. Janszoon eyes in Eclipse, Shay and Water are shown below, they're what you can get! The Golden Lotus sim is home to the Blue Lotus Okiya group, an inworld group of Geisha ladies. Take a look around the sim, it's gorgeous, traditional Japan inspired, and you can also find Geisha Dreams' new main shop there... If you're even remotely interested in kimono and ancient Japan related stuff, you're going to love it!


 Shay, named after my friend Shayariel who wanted a greenish brown.


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