Sunday, 29 May 2011

C'est moi!!

Oui oui, c'est moi... *giggles* C'est moi is a shop I've just discovered and will probably tell you more about in the future, since when I went to get the Project Themeory item of the week, I started drooling instantly on the rest of the shop. I figured I'd first get this first (and super cheap) little dress, try it on, and if it looked as pretty on me as it does on the pictures, I'd get back and buy some more... Yes, I can be that reasonable sometimes... But when I tried it on I remembered that Project Themeory only lasts until tonight and I might as well show this to you while it's still available... So here it is, the Flower Grey dress. Enjoy!

I am matching this lovely dress with my all time favorites Duh! clogs, 20l$ only and never out of fashion.

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