Saturday, 14 May 2011

Some Fae cheapies...

Greetings! I am back (pretty much, winter is definitely over and I'm bound to spend less time on SL for the next few months than I usually do when it's freezing outside a dark after 4pm). I have started roleplaying in a new fantasy-medieval sim and I figured I'd need new clothes... Don't we all? Since I've been of the "in character" game for a while, I had to get some help from my friend Shay, who always know what I mean even why I'm not sure myself, fashion-wise. She sent me to Angelwing and she just made my day!

The Anakarina set includes the dress, ribbons and wings and it's free! I'm pretty sure the whole blogging community has featured it already, but I figured it would be nice to show a reminder.

Other credits :
Hair from Tiny Bird (closed unfotunately)
Piercings set is Ellabella's Signs (80l$)

Should you like something a little more daring (and red!), the Spring Camisk (yes, it's supposed to be a camisk, which, if you didn't know that already, is one of these gorean slave outfits, but since no gorean slave has boobs below a F cup, and mine are an A - or maybe a little B, not sure - the effect is totally different.)
The outfit includes the hair flower and is sold for 100l$ only!
(It also comes in other colors, if red is not your cup of tea)

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