Friday, 3 June 2011

Sassy depraved Acid zombie camping.

Basic Capris (60 minutes camping or 60l$) and Silk Tops (60 minutes camping or 80l$), Sassy Kitty

Country ears (60 minutes camping or 169l$ - there's also a matching tail, not shown here, for the same time or price) - Black and white swimsuits (Midnight Mania) : Sassy Kitty

Smocked dress (Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize), Acid&Mala - Donguri brown eyes (Lucky board prize - 10 minutes), ALA (Petit Pas Mall)

Bloody Kimono (Zombie Popcorn hunt prize, comes in both versions and includes the clogs and hair chopsticks), Sassy Kitty

Floreal top black (Midnight Mania prize or 120l$), Sassy Kitty - I <3 my Jeans (Depraved Summer Nights hunt prize), Acid&Mala

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