Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lazy May Day

Not only am I lazy, I'm also super late to show you the latest group gifts from Katat0nik, these 2 cutes dresses, supposedly Easter themed, but hey, they're pretty, so I'm going to wear them anyway. And so should you...

Now with something a little different. LISP has put out their retied items for 1 to 10 l$ in their garden... I bought a few pieces that I love : table and chairs (10l$), potted heart plant (1l$)...

...armchair 10l$...

...sofa 10l$...


... set of heart cussions 10l$.

Other credits :
  • House is a former hunt price from the Albero Kawaii hunt from Modest House
  • Roses eyes - Caribbean from Banana Banshee (new! 80l$)
  • Blind hair from Elikatira (from the spring sale, 80l$, not sure it's still on though)
  • Colored grass from Zigana (former Albero Kawaii hunt)
  • Summer grass and forget-me-nots from Alirium (not free, but totally worth a look)

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