Thursday, 3 February 2011

Snow Bunny

Well hello there! I have news for you all! The Ladies of Lucid (Eden Knoller, Andel Rhiadra, Quiver Quintessa, Rezzie Luckstone and Meila Solo) are organising, until friday, february 11th, the Snow Bunny event. Each of them have put up one or two exclusive items for less than 50l$ each! Just take a look below for yummy shots of the said items: 

- From the Lucid Snow Bunny event:

  • Puff Snow Bunny outfit in pink and turquoise from Nushru
  • Lil Cottage from Buttons
  • Shape from Census
  • Snow Bunny Tees from Rezlpsa Loc
  • Winter skybox (inside the moon) from A.D.D. Andel!
- Other things:

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