Monday, 28 February 2011

Pixel Love ...

Yes The Cat Brought something again !
And yes you will love it. Pixel Dolls is being most generous, with not one, not two, not three but FOUR (!!!) yes four gifts.
First comes Diane. A special edition of this release is actually set to 0L so run and grab it as long as it lasts !
Specially when you see how this gown is gorgeous with its rich textures and colors!
Next comes 3 types of blouses which are cute and sexy and come in set of several colors !
On the right and left you can see two colors of Hope and in the middle, it's Love!Here are two colors of Faith
Hair : PIC 1 (Model 02 from ::69:: ) / PIC 2 (Milla from I Love Olive - store seems to have disappeared sadly) / PIC 3 (Sweet Devilkin in Sugared Pecan by ::69::)
Outfits: PIC 1 & 2 - Dress (Diane) by PixelDolls / PIC 3 - Blouses (Hope, Faith and Love) by PixelDolls + Pants (Urban Princess) by SilverJinx
Shoes : Boots by Maitreya (old freebie)
Skin : Sofian by Firefall

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