Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Cat is here !

Meeoooww !
The Cat is in the place! And I did not come alone! Of course I brought goodies! So Look What The Cat Brought !
LS Shirt
Directly from ~L&S~, the latest group gift: Plain and Creamy Peasant Shirt.
And while you'll be there, you can also grab the 10L dress, perfect for the faes, it sparkles and you even have a stick to hit drows with!
LS gift

I really appreciated my visit to ~L&S~, loas of cute and sexy stuff such as the Fabrysse Gypsy gown, which is not under 100L but really worth every linden.
Want to know more about it, then go to see the Cat

Picture 1:
Hair (not free) - Lucerne from Calla (seems it no longer exists)
Ears and tail (not free) - [ATOMIC]
Necklace (free and subject of my next post) - Mystic Sky
Shoes (old gift) - B! Fashion

Picture 2:
Hair (old gift) - Tuli in Cloud from House of Heart (seems it as well no longer exists)
Dress (10L gift) - Glenda dress from ~L&S~

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