Sunday, 30 January 2011 a Barbee world...

So yeah, I've been exploring places where I can take pretty pictures to show you the cute things Ifind on the grid. This sim is called Barbee, it's all monochrom and Ii've been visiting it with one of my foggy settings, to add to the gloomy atmosphere... So anyway, what I wanted to show you was that Freya dress from Blue Blood, that is now free, along with other more colorful versions (that just didn't fit in the landscape)

 Taking a quick break and a hot chocolate in this cute little cafe

I also got the red version of the new Marly dress on the lucky board.

Oh and a special thanks to Sileny for letting me know about the 
amazing subscribo gift hair from LoQ

While exploring the sim, I stumbled upon an opening gift kimono,
 because, mind you, Barbee is a shop!

Oh btw, this is Jake


  • pic 1 & 2: Freya dress, free from Blue Blood.
  • pic 3 & 4: Marly dress, lucky board gift at Blue Blood
  • pic 5 & 6: Rebirth gift kiimono, free from Barbee
  • Hair from LoQ
On Jake (not free) :

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  1. Oooh, how sweet! I could NEVER imgine you were wearing FREE dresses if I saw you in world *grins* Loved your photos, the style and the name of the blog is simply lovely *.* Well, I'm an elf, sometimes a mer and sometimes I go completely mad and turn into a demon, lol. What I liked here, most, was the part where I talk about the places you visit, describing it very well. I gave terrible headaches trying to find great places for photos, so I get totally frustrated and take pics on a white Ty for the amazing blog, keep up the great work. *Hugs*