Friday, 26 March 2010

Hippy Shake and blood

It's been a while since I last blogged an item from Lemania Indigo designs, but this Retro Hippie dress really made me want to drink sangria on the beach, and for a moment I pictured myself doing so and it felt good...
Dress, bangles and shoes, 60l$ week end item this week at Lemania's
Hair not free from Maitreya

What else did I do today? I mean apart from daydreaming about spanish beatches? (and cough my lungs out RL because of a mean bronchitis). I went to Blue Blood to stalk the lucky board. I didn't get all the 8 different colors, but these should give you a good idea of how Wonderland looks like, and I love the kitties on the dress. By the way have you seen the movie yet? I haven't but can't wait for it... A new Tim Burton is always a must see, to my opinion... But that's not today's topic, so here they are, the lucky board dresses:

Dresses from Blue Blood, 8 lucky boards, one for each color, 10 minutes each.
Clogs from Duh! (20l$ each and shame on you if you don't already have them)
Hair not free from Maitreya

While I was waiting for my letter to come up I perused around and found out that the old lucky board gifts are now available on the shelves for usually 50l$ each only. I grabbed a few to show you:

Dresses, Plaidstars in green and Wanda in pink and SheDevil in red below, 50l$ each from Blue Blood, Bangles from Chuculet (I think they were a hunt gift) and hair from Syds, new and not free but there's a different color available in the 3 minutes lucky board there.

Skins on all pics from Curio

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