Friday, 26 March 2010

Brand new store and lucky chest.

Lady Kouse has been working around the clock these past few days to finish the new main shop (Kouse's Sanctum). The place is huge, it's a beautiful palace and you should really go take a look. If you're not convinced yet, here's something that may make you change your mind:

This is a lucky chest, and there's no booby price in it, only great stuff: jewels (I grabbed a few circlets and necklaces, all adorable), gems and coins that you can collect to win gowns and jewelry, and even gift certificates! I caught one saying "One free dress" and here it was, I could choose any dress from the shop! (value under 450l$). I chose Nahlayea, in lime, just because I love it, but the possibilities are almost infinite! (Free gown offer limited to one per month and per avatar, but the gifts are all transferable...)

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