Friday, 27 November 2009

Little bit of this, little bit of that

Today's a happy day for I, Cecilia, got to have my own account for blogging here... Yay! Oh and also, I have lots of goodies to show you...

  • Piece of Candy gift from the *NEW* subscribo (the old one went bonkers after so many of you joined, so you need to go slap this one now...)
  • Hair and skin from Exile, hair is an old gift, skin is the brand new one and shown below.
  • Clogs from Duh! (I think it was a dollarbie)
  • Lazy Day Sweater, fall edition, current group gift from Atomic, in notices ~ 250l$ fee but definitely worth the expense especially since...
  • Skin, old group gift from Atomic (see, you missed that one already, now hurry and join the group!)

And here they are, the skins from Exile
Join group and check notices...


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