Sunday, 15 November 2009

Le rose et le vert... (and other colors)

I just got into a group called What's New SL (thanks to Sileny from Free Style for the info). Basically the idea is that all sort of designers send their updates on news and stuff, but they also send gifts... I am only showing you very few of the numerous gifts I got in the past 2 weeks' notices... Starting with

The Pink:

Skin from Idiosyncracy. Dress from Tart. Underwear from Insolence
(in group notices)

The Green:

Emerald dress from Ingenue. Ash cardigan from [Miseria]. Hair from Magika
(all colors pack)

The other colors:

Gingerbread Man shirt and sweater from MoonShine. Black denim jacket from E'Dior.

Free items that I did not get in the group:
Boots and jeans from Decoy
Clogs from Duh!

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