Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Gorean Tuesday

Yes, I know, today's wednesday and that basically means that you've already missed most of the good things that I am going to show you BUT I think they should be shown all the same because 1) I bought them and think I look good wearing them and 2) next week you'll know and won't miss 25l$ Tuesday. What's that? Well it's like 50l$ Friday except it's on Tuesday and it's 25l$. Pretty obvious, huh? By the way the Hobo-esque dress I show in the previous post was from this event. This week's series was gorean oriented, i don't know if it's usual, but it was nice to see that one can be a pleasure slave and still wear pretty things...

Wild Talender, 25l$ (yesterday only), Silk Worms 25l$ (yesterday) and YAY! freebie!

Bombard, (25l$ etc..) Arachne (25l$ etc...) and IMPulse MM price

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