Monday, 6 February 2012

Blog Hero Challenge - Week Three - Girls with Guitars

I know what you think. And you're right. I am LATE. I seriously need to catch up on Shay's Blog Hero Challenge. So, let's start with this "Girls with Guitars" thing. I had planned to only use stuff I already own for this, but my first idea was to recreate that scene from Forrest Gump when Robin Wright is singing "Blowing in the Wind" naked and I couldn't for the life of me manage to hide ALL my naughty parts behind the guitar. So, you know, I had to put on clothes. And I tried half my inventory and NOTHING would fit my idea of the theme... It's not my fault, you see, I just HAD to buy something new... ^^ Unfortunately it's waaaay above 100l$ and therefore shouldn't even be mentionned on this blog.

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