Friday, 19 August 2011

Kouse's Sanctum group gifts and cheapies.

Hello Folks! If you're a Kouse's Sanctum aficionada, you probably have already joined her inworld group, and that was a smart move, because as of today, there's a small enrollment fee of 50l$ if you want to join. And you DO want to join, because Kouse has decided to reinstate the group gifts on a regular basis. This month, there are not one, but 2! Two different colors of Sheila, the teal one is in the group notices, the purplish one is available in store for 50l$ only (but you have to wear your group tag to get it). So that's 2 exclusive gowns for 50l$ each if you're not already in the group, 2 for 50l$ total if you are, which, in any case, is a good deal.

Kouse has also just released a new gown, Gabrielle, and should you consider trying it, you can get an exclusive color, wine, in store for 99l$ only. I love the medieval touch of this gown, and its rich colors.

The pretty jewelry is also made by Kouse, it's the new Shiloah set, available in store (full price)

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