Monday, 4 April 2011

Some Fantasy...

Unlike many of my fellow bloggers, I didn't cover the Fantasy Fair this year... Mainly because so many others do already... like my pawed friend, Mae... But I can't not cover one of my top 5 clothes designers, especially when she provides not one, but several items that fit the under 100l$ rule... 

But first I'd like to show you something that was dropped on me earlier and really caught my attention...  The shop is called Fantasia, and they can be found at the Fantasy Fair on the Nemo sim.  Just look at the lovely scales covering my skin... They're a tatoo layer, and absolutely perfect if you're a mer in SL, or just were enchanted or something... The outfit is from Fantasia too, but over the price limit, so no, no, do not insist, I am not talking about it!

 Naïad Scales, 100l$  (6 colors)

There was an auction to free Evie from a cage on the Forest of Light sim earlier, and every donation got rewarded, but since it was the middle of the night for me, I was fast asleep and missed it. Maybe you did too... In this case, fear not, my friend, for Evie has set up the vendors in her main shop, and they're pay-what-you-want, so totally affordable for anyone... plus it's for a good cause. To fight cancer, each l$ counts. There is also a male outfit, so grab your significant (or insignificant) other, and get to Evie's Closet (if he won't come, nevermind, the outfits are transfer!)
 Leafy Faery girl, pay-what-you-want, Evie's Closet

Last, but not least, the adorable Avery outfits include both skirts and is also available in baby pink and baby blue, and sold at the Fair for 50l$ each only... The wings and flats shoes are included.
Avery dress, 50l$, Evie's Closet on RFL Fantasy Fair Forest of Light sim

The hair is an oldie but goodie from Calico, who sure knows how to make curly hair! (not free)

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