Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Treats

Happy Easter everyone!! I have a few treats for you! This gorgeous gown brought to you by Kouse's Sanctum and for 100l$ only is an exclusive color of Naomi, one of her latest releases. As usual, the prim work is flawless, and the textures gorgeous. Its very light shade of pink could also make it a very decent wedding dress... just saying. Oh and while you're there, Kouse is having a retirement sale on a bunch of old gowns, each sold for 50l$ only... 
Below you can see a close up on the adorable chest ruffles, but also on my latest obsession, a piercing set called Signs and made by Ellantha Larsson from Ellabella, available in store for only 80l$. I've never liked piercings on SL, I usually find them vulgar, but Ellantha definitely made me change my mind. Her work is delicate and out of the ordinary, and I've even remade all my saved outfits to include, from now on, this very pretty piece of jewelry.
As for the moles and freckles, I'm happy you noticed them... {Shameless Self Advertising Alert} They're a tattoo layer that I put up in store in a set of 2 for only 10l$, so if you feel like giving your favorite skin a little more personnality, hop on to Banana Banshee.

The hair was yesterday's Tiny Bird's 50l$ friday offer, but it might still be in store, and it came in various colors...

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