Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday gifts...

When I logged on this morning there were gifts in my inventories! Yay! First is from Evie's Closet, and it's the Briar Rose head piece and necklace. The cute little roses are color change and the detailed features of this piece of jewelry make it a must have of your inventory. There's a temporary joining fee of 150l$ (price of the set in store) if you're not already in the group, but I strongly advise you to join and stay in...

Romi's back, and that is serious great news, since that talented lady had closed her shop and vanished from the grid last december, leaving fans like me simply sad. Whatever happened to her, I sincerely hope she's allright now. She just released a new gift and to get it, there are 2 ways: you can either join her inworld group (there's a 100l$ joining fee) and get the gift in store, or be patient and wait for the lucky board to come up with your letter.
The lovely bracelet I'm wearing is a gift from Kouse's Sanctum, it just got delivered this morning along with pics and info on the latest release.

On Rose: hair free from the Library (by Truth Hawks nonetheless), Lime eyes from Banana Banshee (30l$), sad elf ears from Panda Express (not free), gown from Evie's Closet (Queen of Hearts limited edition, discontinued), skin from Curio, eye make-up from IrEn (tattoo layer make-ups, 7 for 200l$), necklace and head piece from Evie's Closet

On Lua: hair from Magika, Indigo Kiwi eyes from Banana Banshee (30l$), Lorelei gown in Burgundy from MiaMai (not free), skin from Romi Skins (free on lucky board or group gift), bracelet from Kouse's Sanctum (group gift)

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