Thursday, 4 February 2010

A piece of Candy feb 4th

I know, I know, the title is incredibly NOT original, but I have no imagination today and an episode of Dexter waiting for me... Plus what really matters is the goodies, not the title, right? So, yes, what I'm showing you is this week's subscribo gift from A Piece of Candy. Among other things. If you still haven't slapped their subscribo thingy, 2 possibilities, either you're a new reader or I really am useless... This week's gift is this cute gold dress with 3 skirt options.

The other remarkable things on the picture are:
- the Ruby Velvet flats from Duh! (usually 20l$ for a pair of shoes there, always great quality)
- the Morning hair from Magika (not free but so cute)
- the Bella skin from Tuli (super not free but there should be a group gift soon... hopefully)

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