Friday, 26 February 2010

Free skins

Hello all,
I'm out of my retreat for a few minutes, just the time to show you some free skins I caught on the grid...

There's a new shop called Tik Tok on the IrEn sim, and there's a group gift in store. You have to be a member of IrEn group to get it. The skin comes in two options, teethy and normal, and I find it adorable.

Left: If you're a Lucky Chair Stalker (inworld group), you certainly know Sileny Noel, who is one of the pillars of the group and a sweet lady. She makes skins and has a shop called Mango Mango! The skin shown here is a gift for the LCS group members and it's called Victory!
Right: When Kouse Singh from Kouse's Sanctum starts something new it's always a blast, and her very first skin line, Angelica, makes no exception. It's a pale, soft skin tone available in a gazilion make up options. This one, Aurora major, is free for her subscribo members.

Here's one of the reasons I'm not much around these days... True Blood....

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