Friday, 11 September 2009

Cobrahive hunt

I don't usually hunt. Mainly because I miss the time to do so (and also because I am a lazy ass). I do however sometimes pick up some of the hunt gifts from my favorite designers... But when I received the note about the opening mini-hunt on the Cobrahive sim, I figured "hey, it's only 5 items, they should be quickly found!" Ha! Too bad, the little snakes are not "little", they are minuscule!!! Eager to respect the designer's will, I won't give out the coordinates, but let me give you a few hints: check trees and stones first... then, there is one who is about to take swimming lessons and one little perv who likes to sneak under the teacher's skirt... Have fun hunting!

Headset, piercings, tie, choker and wrist things, all from the Cobrahive hunt
Shirt: Cobrahive, freebie in store
Jeans: Lunas Boutique group gift (join group and get in notices)

Non-free stuff:
Hair: Tekuteku (I think it was 10l$ - can't remember I've had it for a long time)
Skin: Tuli (Hope - Goth)

Special thanks to Lolly who showed me the first one so I could get started, and Crystaleen who helped me with the devilish #3!

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