Sunday, 13 September 2009

100% free... or almost

Today is all about free things!! I was helping a new resident the other day and dragged her all around the grid to pick up free things... So I figured I'd show them to you too... To be honest I actually had to spend... 1l$!!

Shape: El Oh El, Holly shape, 1l$
Skin: Aimesi group gift (join group and get the whole pack in store)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (in case you were still wondering) free for avis under 30 days (outside the shop, there still is the old freebie from Slice of Summer available inside for everyone though)
Hair: !Lamb, Unbirthday redux, freebie in store
Dress: Grim Bros, Proper Pumpkin Halloween dress (yes I know, already! but it's really pretty)

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